Abel Sanchez says Golovkin’s face will be ruined by Canelo if he boxes him in September

By Dan Ambrose: Gennadiy Golovkin’s former coach Abel Sanchez says he thinks GGG will end up with a battered face if he boxes Canelo Alvarez in their trilogy bout on Sept. 17.

If Golovkin boxes Canelo, his face will look battered in his fight against Sergiy Derevyanchenko in 2019. Golovkin spent much of that fight throwing punches and backing up to avoid the weaker fighter Derevyanchenko for the entire fight.

In the end, Golovkin won a controversial 12-round unanimous decision that few boxing fans agreed with. Interestingly, Jermall Charlo fought Derevyanchenko in 2020 and beat him with ease using his power play.

Sanchez believes the only way for Golovkin (41-1-1, 36 KOs) to stand a chance against Canelo is to fight like he did years ago, when he was stalking opponents and looking to knock them out. .

Golovkin has turned his game from puncher to boxer since his rematch with Canelo in 2018, which has made his job harder, according to Sanchez.

Golovkin’s trainer, Johnathon Banks, recently mentioned that he too wanted him to go back to his old fighting style, but he didn’t.

Golovkin may be stuck in a rut after changing his usual search-and-destroy fighting style for his rematch with Canelo in 2018. It’s debatable whether Golovkin is coachable at this point in his long career.

If Golovkin isn’t willing to change his fighting style because he thinks he knows better, Banks or any coach is useless to him. Golovkin might as well be alone with just a cutman in his corner instead of a coach.

Rather than really watching this fight and realizing that boxing isn’t working for him, Golovkin has stuck to that style in his last three fights and looked less than spectacular.

Canelo could spoil Gennadiy’s face

“I would like to say that your assumption is correct, but what happened in the gym and what he did to prepare for fights and how he approaches the fight,” Abel Sanchez told Television Battle Hub when told that Golovkin will put on a better performance against Canelo Alvarez than in their previous two fights against him.

“I’m not saying he’s out of shape. I’m sure he’s in great shape,” Sanchez said of Gennadiy. “As I said, he has a good coach [Johnathon Banks]but I think he tries to be a boxer, tries to be a technician will play into the hands of Canelo.

“I think just like [Sergiy] Derevyanchenko pointed to his face, I think that’s a possibility only because he will try to box and not giving yourself the opportunity to be Gennadiy,” Sanchez said of Golovkin punishing Canelo if he tries to box him.

Golovkin doesn’t seem willing to brawl like he used to, which is a shame he was one of the best punchers in the game. The last fight in which Golovkin used his old fighting style was when he fought Kell Brook in 2016.

It was a very entertaining match in which Golovkin chased Brook around the ring, beating him throughout the fight until the British fighter stopped fighting back in the fifth.

Murata will be a brutal fight for Gennadiy

It’s a tough fight too, and it’s not because [Ryota] Murata is all of that,” Abel said when told Golovkin still needed to win his April 9 contest against WBA middleweight champion Ryota Murata so he could get the September 17 trilogy match against Canelo.

As robotic and paced as Murata is, it should be a simple fight for Golovkin if he chases the 2012 Olympic gold medalist.

Hassan N’Dam and Rob Brant have beaten Murata before, who weren’t great fighters. But Sanchez is right about this potentially tough fight for Golovkin if he tries to box Murata because he will play into his hands.

At this point in Golovkin’s career, it’s unclear how coachable he is.

“Murata was training here with Gennady when Murata had three or four fights [in 2014] right after the Olympics, and they boxed probably two days. It was the kind of fight Gennadiy had against Canelo when Canelo first came here at the age of 20.

“I’m not going to say it was easy, but Gennadiy played with him [Murata], he helped him and didn’t try to take advantage of him like he did with Canelo. It was four or five years ago, six years ago.

“Murata is a different fighter. Yes, he has a loss against [Rob] Brant, but Gennadiy is not the Gennadiy of old either. It won’t be a very, very tough fight, but it will be a tough fight for Gennadiy. He should win, but it won’t be easy.”

If Golovkin can’t beat Murata, he should hang up because that would be a clear sign that he’s washed. Murata would likely be destroyed by Jermall Charlo, Demetrius Andrade, or Zhanibek Alimkhanuly.

Even Jaime Munguia and Chris Eubank Jr. would make it easier for Murata, 35, who hasn’t fought since 2019.

The magic question is why the World Boxing Association allowed Murata to retain his WBA title for over two years without defending it.

Golovkin can make it easier if he hits

“No,” Sanchez said when told many people thought Golovkin was going to blow up Murata, 35, on April 9. “Again, it all depends on the approach he takes in the fight.

“If he takes in the fight he’s a boxer like he tried against Derevyanchenko and the last two guys [Kamil Szeremeta and Steve Rolls]so no, it’s not going to blow through it.

“If he goes out there and does what Gennadiy does best or what Gennadiy did best, so yeah that’s an easy fightSanchez said of Golovkin’s unification contest against WBA 160-pound champion Murata.

Once again, Golovkin is stuck in a rut, maintaining that pure boxing style he used for his rematch with Canelo, and he doesn’t seem to know how to get back to the fighter he was before that.