Anthony Joshua says he will strip him of Oleksandr Usyk titles

Through Scott Gilfoid: Sounding like he has a major chip on his shoulder, Anthony Joshua promises to defeat Oleksandr Usyk in April to reclaim all three heavyweight titles when the two meet in their rematch.

However, it doesn’t look like Joshua is serious about facing Usyk again, as Gilfoid has now learned that Joshua has agreed to a withdrawal deal.

Interestingly, Joshua is now receptive to taking a rematch clause, wanting £15m for him to step down let Tyson Fury face Usyk in his place, according to the Daily Star. The £15m is a high asking price for a fighter who should be happy to retire for free so that he can be relieved.

Joshua getting carried away while letting it be known that he is receptive to a side step seems very strange. If AJ wants to retire, why get angry? Maybe he’s ashamed?

What Joshua needs now is someone to talk him out of his perch before he does something crazy like sign the contract for the rematch with the talented former undisputed cruiserweight champion.

Joshua says he will beat Usyk to become a three-time champion and regain his throne as the No. 1 heavyweight on the planet. Oh my God, looks like someone pissed off Joshua. I don’t see how that can happen if Joshua steps down.

Joshua says he will ‘rule again’

“The next fight, I’m going to beat him and I’m going to take those belts from him,Joshua told StuffTV of his desire to regain his titles from Usyk.

“I’m going to reign again to become a three-time heavyweight champion of the world, like it or not.”

We do not know why Joshua suddenly got up about his humiliating loss to Usyk (19-0, 13 KOs) because it’s been four months already.

You would think that Joshua would have already overcome his anger and quickly set up the rematch with Usyk like he did after his loss to Andy Ruiz Jr. in 2019.

It’s obviously a bitter pill for Joshua to adjust to the loss, and he’s potentially stepping down to let Fury take the fight from Usyk. When you look at it from that angle, it makes sense that Joshua would be angry.

With the dough Joshua can make pulling away and facing the winner of Fury against Usyk, he can cry all the way to the bank.

The fact that the Joshua-Usyk 2 rematch still hasn’t been set up hints that AJ is doubting himself, which means he might be considering accepting a side step to get away from this predicament. .

AJ and Whyte could retire

Tyson Fury and his Top Rank promoters have already offered Joshua to take care of his problem for him by taking on Usyk, and so far AJ has toyed coy with the idea, tiptoeing but implying that he was receptive.

“We’re all still going for Joshua vs. Usyk and Fury vs. Whyte, but there are still people who would love to see Fury vs. Usyk go undisputed and would be willing to pay big bucks for it,” Eddie Hearn said. through the Daily Star.

“If there’s a lot of money in the pot and a plan can be put in place to make all the fighters happy, there’s a chance of that happening, but the problem is time.”

For the withdrawal deal to work for Joshua-Usyk, WBA mandatory Dillian Whyte will need to be paid a step to knock Tyson Fury out of this fight so he can face Usyk for the undisputed championship.

Whyte would need around £5million for his withdrawal, but he also wants to be guaranteed a shot at Fury’s winner against Usyk.

It won’t work because Joshua is the one the organizers will want to face the Fury-Usyk winner, not Whyte. Dillian will eventually get his chance, but not before AJ faces the winner.