Area fighters set for Golden Gloves, but no fights set to take place in Lancaster this year | Boxing

Boxers are paired, tickets are on sale, and fight fans are excited. The 2022 Central Pennsylvania Golden Gloves tournament begins on Saturday.

But, for the first time in almost 30 years, not in Lancaster.

Lancaster will be represented, with three local gyms sending boxers to Dickson City to compete. Unfortunately, there will be no Golden Gloves event in town this year.

“I can’t do it,” coach Barry Stumpf said, then repeated to himself shaking his head, “I just can’t do it.”

Stumpf, of Finefrock & Stumpf Golden Gloves Center, has been training boxers, both locally and for national teams, for 48 years. He’s been running the local Golden Gloves event for almost as long.

Raising a wrapped hand – Stumpf underwent hand surgery two weeks ago – he also gestured to his shoulder.

“My body needed fixing, man,” he said of another surgery in January. “Shoulder surgery…it had to be done.

While Stumpf has both a board of directors (Finefrock & Stumpf is a non-profit organization) and strong coaches in his gym, there was no one he thought could take on the local gloves.

“They have no idea what it takes to put on a show,” Stumpf said, referring to everyone who questioned his decision this year.

Amateur boxing is primarily a sport for school-aged children and young adults. But, unlike other competitive sports, there are no booster schools or clubs to help fund and organize events.

In addition to securing a venue – the Golden Gloves have been at Lancaster Catholic for several years – fees are paid to the Gloves franchise, finding and paying officials ranging from umpires to doctors and judges, and meeting safety and regulatory requirements set. by both the state and, for sanctioned events, USA Boxing.

Then there is boxer pairing – a process that takes into account age, weight, division and experience.

The Lancaster show, in recent years the first qualifier on the way to regional and state games, is one of the few local shows. An annual event, it is the only reliable time Lancaster boxers can compete in front of a local audience.

There are occasional club shows, including one at Nye’s Gym earlier this year. But the Golden Gloves, while not currently a ranking tournament, has the prestige that comes with a 99-year history.

A chance to fight and win, a Glove Championship game is a resume builder and a source of pride. Over the years, Lancaster has sent several regional champions to the state, now named Dan Mullarkey’s Pennsylvania Golden Gloves after a change in franchise ownership last year.

A win at the state means a shot at a national championship.

Local trainers Will Torres of Lancaster City Boxing Academy and Jinji Martinez of Jinji Boxing Club both took boxers to weigh in and register for this year’s tournament, giving them that chance.

Stump too.

“I will die doing the Golden Gloves,” he said.

Of the five boxers who train at Finefrock & Stumpf, three have been matched. But, they are not expected to compete until the April 16 qualifier.

One, 10-year-old Victor Dieppa (1-1), will face Amir Bernadin (2-1) who is training at Lancaster City. The pee fight kicks off the show that night.

Also on this card are Gilbert Claudio (0-1) and Michael Johnson (4-1). Both are with Stumpf.

The last Lancaster boxer scheduled to fight on April 16 is Alaak Deu (5-0). Deu, who reached the Golden Gloves state final several years ago, trains with Coach Torres in Lancaster City. This will be Deu’s first open class fight.

The only boxer representing Lancaster on April 9 is Roniel “Ronnie” Del Rosario of the Jinji Boxing Club (2-1). Del Rosario qualified for the national championship at the Silver Gloves tournament in February.

“It’s sad that this year there was no Golden Gloves here in Lancaster,” Martinez said. “We can only hope things get better and we will definitely have it next year.”

“The Golden Glove will be back next year,” Stumpf said, adding, “it’s the 100th anniversary.”

The Pennsylvania Golden Gloves Central District Tournament begins Saturday at Ganetti Manor, 1505 Main Ave., Dickson City. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the first fight is at 7 p.m.

Ticket prices range from $25 to $35. For more information, call 570-383-0206.