Boxing: Canelo Alvarez makes fun of tennis player Mardy Fish on Twitter

NOTNot everyone is a boxing fan and it was made clear by a tennis player mardy fish who excluded the sport of fists from his top 5, a situation questioned by the boxing champion Canello Alvarez.

Fish ranked tennis, mixed martial arts, the NFL, MLB and European soccer at the top of his list, to which Alvarez replied, “Really, mate?”

Canelo Alvarez will look to make Fish a fan when he faces Dmitry Bivol in his first fight of the year in Las Vegas on May 7, 2022..

All kidding aside, the two athletes are friends and have met in the past during American Championship of the Century golf tournament in 2021.” “I’m a fan of him, and I love combat sports and I’m a big fan of Canelo Alvarez, pound for pound the best boxer in the world, right? But I would never cross paths with Canelo. And he played the tournament in Tahoe and is the nicest guy ever outside of the ring. And he loves golf. We made those friendships,” Fish said in an interview with the GOLF Subby Podcast back in November of last year.

Fish responded to the Tweet, letting us know that all is well between the two athletes.

Canelo is one of the most profitable athletes today

Sal Canelo lvarez already has so much in this sport, enough to conquer an unrivaled fan in Cristiano Ronaldo. Canelo is the only Mexican athlete Cristiano Ronaldo has ever followed on Instagram.

The Mexican fighter and the Portuguese footballer are two of the most successful and idolized athletes in their respective disciplines, in addition to the millionaire figures pocketed in the concepts of their earnings for their performances and sponsorships.

Alvarez overtook Cristiano Ronaldo and

Lionel Messi

as one of the most marketable athletes in the world.