Boxing legend owned by UFC star in pre-fight pressers

An unreal pre-fight tour compilation video for Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor recently surfaced online, thanks to @shannonsharpeee on Twitter.

The famous crossover between the two sports of boxing and cfu came in 2017 when the two most famous fighters in respective sports decided to step into the arena of Mayweather’s boxing ring and go 12 rounds to determine who was the best fist fighter in combat sports.

Arguably the best fight for the fight came before the fight itself, with the pre-fight tour garnering wide attention due to the deeply personal and entertaining war of words the American and Irishman had on each other. books.

A recent compilation video summed up all the best bits in four and a half concise minutes, in which the quick-witted Irishman poked fun at the boxer’s age and height, referenced a common myth which Mayweather cannot read and made fun of the immaturity of Mayweather’s fashion and demeanor.

Meanwhile, the American donned an Irish flag and called his boastful opponent ‘easy work’, having already comfortably held off 49 previous challengers without a loss before taking on the boxing novice in McGregor.

Considered “The Money Fight,” the two athletes arguably flexed their financial muscles by sparring more than actual sports talk. McGregor chose Mayweather’s “Money” moniker, pointing out the boxer’s financial struggles with the IRS, and even pulled cash out of Mayweather’s bag to humorously tease “Is that it?”, to laughs from the audience. crowd.

The video also includes the verbal assaults members of the fighting teams received, with McGregor calling Showtime Sports president Stephen Espinoza a “weasel” and Floyd’s bodyguards “juice-headed monkeys.”

The fight itself was not as successful for the MMA fighter as he received in pre-fight verbal battles, with Mayweather winning comfortably by a 10th-round TKO in Nevada’s T-Mobile Arena. , to extend his professional record to a 50-0 record.

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