Boxing: Mike Tyson reportedly unimpressed with a Jake Paul fight season

mike tyson is not only one of the greatest heavyweights in history, he is also a boxing scholar. If you have the chance to watch any of his conversations about boxing history, you will see that he is one of the most passionate people in the sport. Tyson knows dark fighters decades before him because he learned from his very first trainer. Cus d’Amato. This man saved Mike Tyson from leading a life of crime that would likely land him in jail or worse.

So when Tyson watches someone fight, gauging their reaction means everything because you know if that person is good or not. Jacques-Paul has been in the boxing business for only a few years and people are already calling him to face professional boxers. He has done very well since he fought his second fight the same night Tyson fought Roy Jones Jr.

Since then, Paul has already fought five times with four knockouts and a split decision win. However, he still hasn’t fought a real attacker. Both fighters who are combat sports professionals have been Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley the two he knocked out. Now that he is is expected to face Anderson Silva in October, Jake Paul is about to finally face a complicated opponent who has already dabbled in boxing.

Silva even fought professional boxers and won without breaking a sweat. Paul is well aware of this and he has prepared at many famous gyms across the country. mike tyson was in one of these gyms earlier this week and what happened is definitely eye-opening.

Tyson isn’t impressed with Jake Paul

According FightHypeeverything happened at the famous Generic map gym in Los Angeles, a joint that is run by a trainer Freddie Roach. He spoke about the event as Mike Tyson visited the famous gymnasium for a tour, remember he is a boxing connoisseur. Here’s what Roach said: “Tyson looked at him and walked away,” Roach said.

He added: “He saw him practice for 30 seconds and said: ‘freddy, can we come down and see the pictures?’. He knows that’s where the good pictures are. He wasn’t as interested as me. The kid is OK, a club fighter… I don’t know him personally and I’ve never really met him. He was in my gym and wondered if they could use the ring and I said go ahead.”