Boxing: Ryan Garcia admits he ‘wanted to kill me’ because of depression

Ryan Garciait is boxing his career was put on hold after he withdrew from his July 2021 fight against Javier Fortunea decision the fighter made on the grounds that he had to “manage my health and well-being”.

Even his victory over Luke Campbell in January of last year was not enough to calm the negative feelings which invaded Garcia, who will return to the ring in April during his fight against Emmanuel Tagoe.

Garcia suffered from depression and bad habits

Garcia himself talked about how he had to accept that he couldn’t win this unhealthy battle, so he finally turned to professional support.

“When I was immersed in it, I didn’t think I was going to live, I was so depressed and I got into bad habits. I started drinking, and I never, ever drink. But I drunk all the time. I wanted to kill myself at one point“, said Garcia in an interview with Dan Canobbio on Inside Boxing Live.

“It was so bad, so intense, that I thought maybe I’d rather not be here,” Garcia said. “I didn’t understand what was going on. I needed professional help,” the former WBC interim lightweight champion added.

Garcia: After Campbell fight, I changed my mind

Previously, Ryan Garcia, who has come to terms with anxiety issues, has previously opened up about his mental health, revealing that after battling Britain’s Campbell he started to feel depressed but was convinced that he would be better on his own. That didn’t happen and his fight against Fortuna didn’t happen either.

“When I got to the gym, I burst into tears for no reason in front of everyone and ran out of the gym. It was time [I decided to pull out of the Fortuna fight]. Canelo, everyone, was there and I was just trying to practice and I just couldn’t hold him back. I just burst. I walked out of the gym. I said, ‘I have to [sic] come on guys,” Garcia told Boxing News.

“My body just felt bad, everything felt bad. It wasn’t just mental. It was like physical. I just felt like I couldn’t do anything.

“This [therapy] helped me a lot and then I just got into this mode where I accepted it. I stopped fighting against the current and continued with it, and let myself recover. It was a very good thing for me,” he added.