Brendan Schaub gets brutally honest with Jake Paul

Jake Paul has certainly left a lot of people with strong opinions now that he’s a boxer. His boxing adventure has so far been very successful, he recently beat the former UFC champion by KO. Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub recently gave his thoughts on Paul competing in combat sports.

The former UFC heavyweight is good at seeing the business side of things and has seen the impact Jake Paul has had on boxing. The YouTuber ultimately made a positive impact.

“I think it’s good for everyone. Schaub said of Paul’s impact in combat sports since he started boxing, on the PBD Podcast. “I think you see a guy in Jake Paul who calls attention to the pay of fighters. [He’s] showing that he is in control of his own destiny. This is his production. He takes advantage of it all. So I think if you see… the fighters are smart, they can take something and learn something from that.

“It doesn’t hurt Dana,” Schaub said of Jake Paul’s boxing. “The UFC can’t be hurt. Dana is awesome. So he can’t get hurt, but you know, Dana, every time there’s competition he’s going to shit. But I think [Paul’s] good for everyone.

Jake Paul has actually tried to hurt Dana White and the UFC recently. It is clear that he does not intend to stick to boxing.

Brendan Schaub sees Jake Paul talking about fighter pay as a good thing, but he also recognizes how big and powerful the UFC is. It is going to be interesting to see if someone who participates in boxing will be able to affect the salary in MMA.

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