Bryant Perrella and Kevin Salgado fight to a draw

Published on 04/09/2022

By: Sean Crose

Saturday’s Premiere Boxing Champions Showtime card kicked off with 14-0 Kevin Salgado taking on 17-3-1 Bryant Perrella in a scheduled 10-round junior middleweight affair. Salgado, 24, was looking to keep his momentum going while 17-3-1 Perrella hoped to impress after battling Tony Harrison to a draw.

Photo: Early boxing champions

Selgado had an effective first thanks to his impressive jab. In the second, however, Perrella kept his man enraged well, except for some powerful body shots from Selgado. Perrella made good use of his own shot in the third, taking full advantage of his southpaw position. Selgado seemed to struggle to get into Perrella in the fourth. Perrella rocked Selgado with a left uppercut in the fifth. Perrella then went on the hunt for the rest of the round.

The sixth saw Selgado become more aggressive. The seventh was a chess match, with Selgado possibly beating him. Each man fought cautiously in the eighth. Perrella threw his forehand often in the ninth, although Selgado threw a nice combo in the closing seconds of the chapter. Although the fight couldn’t be called action-packed action, the tempo remained fast in the 10th and final round, with each man exerting considerable energy. The match was ultimately ruled a draw.