Canelo Alvarez doesn’t impress says Nacho Beristain

Through Sean Jones: Legendary trainer Nacho Beristain says he’s not impressed with what he’s seen of Canelo Alvarez in his fights, and he doesn’t see him as the greatest Mexican fighter of all time.

Like many people, Beristain is oblivious to the opposition that Canelo (57-1-2, 39 KOs) has faced. He has never been in fights that were considered 50-50 or even 60-40 matches.

Canelo is fighting guys who have no chance of beating him, and the reason for that is because he is picking weaker opposition. Yes, they were champions, but only in name.

Beristain doesn’t see Canelo going the extra mile for his performances and choosing a good opposition to face.

Quality guys like David Benavidez, David Morrell Jr, Demetrius Andrade, Artur Beterbiev and Jermall Charlo would allow Canelo to impress his fans.

Still, he won’t fight them, or at least he hasn’t until now. I don’t know what Canelo is waiting for because he should have fought them already.

Beristain: Canelo misses career-defining fight

“I recognize that he is a great fighter and an athlete because he trains very well and his trainer [Eddy Reynoso] prepares him very well, but I don’t agree with that,” legendary coach Nacho Beristain told Television Battle Hub giving his opinion that Canelo Alvarez IS NOT one of the greatest fighters in Mexican boxing.

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“Because the backbone of Mexican boxing comes from Mexican boxers, and he’s on the way to that select group of fighters. It doesn’t matter that he won the titles he won and the money he made.

“I recognize that he is a great fighter, but he still has a little to do to be in the hearts of Mexican boxing fans. What’s missing is one or two fights like that of Julio Cesar Chavez and others.

“He fights, and he keeps fighting, but personally, for me as a trainer of many fighters, he doesn’t satisfy me. He didn’t have a fight that really captured people’s hearts.

“He fights and wins and wins millions of dollars, and that’s good; it makes me happy that he is successful, but he didn’t have that fight we all want to see. He didn’t get it,” Beristain said.

There were no Canelo fights where he captured people’s hearts, and the reason for that was because he failed to fight the opposition he needed to impress the fans.

Here are the fights Canelo needs to win the hearts and minds of fans:

  • David Benavidez
  • David Morell Jr.
  • Gennadi Golovkin 3
  • Jermall Charlo
  • Demetrius Andrade
  • Joe Smith Jr.
  • Dmitry Bivol
  • Artur Beterbiev
  • Laurent Okolie
  • Mairis Briedis

If these were the only fighters Canelo has fought for the rest of his career, he would shape his legacy in a way far beyond what he recently did by becoming the undisputed champion at 168 years old.

Canelo beat a group of paper champions from England and an American from Plant, who went down after being hit by what looked like a weak shot.

Canelo’s toughest fights have been against Gennady Golovkin, Erislandy Lara, Austin Trout and Floyd Mayweather.

Since many boxing fans think Canelo deserves losses in those five fights, you can’t call them career-defining.

At this point I don’t think we’ll see Canelo have a career defining fight as he only faces opponents.

Five Canelo fights that cast doubt

“When I was in Las Vegas, I went to the hotel because they kicked us out,” Beristain continued. “I got three calls from people saying and they’re bad a** coaches saying to me, ‘I’m watching this fight prank with Canelo. [Caleb] The plant fell without being hit hard.

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“I have not seen it [Canelo vs. Plant]. I can’t give an opinion, but these people told me that it was Plant who started it. It feels like five fights [of Canelo] which leave a lot of doubt,Beristain said without naming Canelo’s other four questionable fights that were questionable.

“Because they can fool you and the fans, but not me because I spent a ton of time watching boxing,” Beristain said.

Beristain didn’t say which five Canelo fights left a lot of doubt, but he could think of these:

  • Gennady Golovkin 1 & 2
  • Austin trout
  • Eislandy Lara
  • Sergei Kovalev

Although Canelo stopped Kovalev in their 2019 fight, the way the Russian fighter fought was odd, like he wasn’t trying very hard.

Fans who had seen Kovalev fight in the past were shocked at how he fought Canelo. He didn’t charge his punches and mostly swooped and moved around the ring against the smaller Canelo. He seemed to be taking it easy with Canelo.

This is one of the reasons why you have to be a little worried about Canelo’s next fight if he chooses to face WBC cruiserweight champion Ilunga Makabu next.

He and Canelo looked overly friendly with each other during the WBC convention and resembled how Saul and Kovalev were when they interacted before their fight.

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Will Makabu take it easy on Canelo out of gratitude for fighting? You’ve heard the saying, ‘don’t bite the hand that feeds.’

When you’re drafted by Canelo for a million-dollar salary that sets you up for life, it must be hard to want to hit the Mexican superstar with hard punches. You would be so grateful if he gave you the fight.

This writer agreed that Caleb Plant appeared to go down without being hit hard by Canelo in their fight last November. Plant looked like it fell at a glance and then was finished off.

Alvarez ‘doesn’t go the extra mile’, says Beristain

“I respect the opinion of [Juan Manuel] Marquez, but I think very soon he will give us that fight that we all want and he will enter the select group of the greatest fighters, ”said Beristain reacting to Marquez saying that Canelo will never be the greatest Mexican boxer. all time.

“I’m still hoping to see him in a fight where he looks sensational,” Beristain said of Canelo. “Because he’s winning and he looks good, but he doesn’t go the extra mile.”

Canelo was never able to fight back without taking a lot of breaks after throwing a handful of punches.

The stamina issues we saw from Canelo earlier in his career when he was in his 20s have gotten much, much worse now that he’s in his 30s and campaigning at 168.

If Canelo tried to go the extra mile in his fights, he would burn out and be at the mercy of his opposition. But his trainer/manager Eddy Reynoso carefully picked low opposition at 168 to help him keep winning.

Reynoso was wise enough not to push Canelo by pitting him against someone who could give him trouble and expose his low stamina like David Benavidez, Jermall Charlo and Artur Beterbiev.

You can tell Reynoso treats Canelo like he’s an old car with 300,000 miles on it. When you get an old car, you can’t push it too hard without breaking down and needing repairs.

Reynoso saw the very flawed champions permeate the 168-pound division and then pointed Canelo in that direction to take advantage.

Unsurprisingly, Reynoso doesn’t make it at 175 or 160. If Canelo fought at 175, he would face a row of assassins from the following killers:

  • Artur Beterbiev
  • Joe Smith Jr.
  • Dmitry Bivol

“The Golovkin fight by the slimmest of margins, they favored it. I am not against foreign fighters, but I wanted to see it [Canelo] that he raises his hand in the right way”, said Beristain.

It seems Beristain doesn’t think Canelo deserved his controversial win over Golovkin in 2018 or his questionable 12-round draw he received in their first fight in 2017.

“For example, Chavez is my brother, my friend. I love her so much. He came from there to say “hi” to me. For me, he is our pride”, Beristain.

Saul fights not exciting like Pacquiao’s

“Pacquiao, now he’s a guy that deserves praise around the world because he fought and went through the wringer,” Beristain said. “He gave exciting fights.

“Canello, no. He wins and knocks people out, and they raise their hands, and he wins tons of money, but he does not convince. [Yordenis] Ugas did not beat Manny Pacquiao. Time beat Pacquiao. Father Time beat Manny. He couldn’t do more,” Beristain said.

There is no comparison between the way Pacquiao was fighting with his style of action compared to Canelo, who always seems to conserve his energy like someone with cardio issues.

Canelo literally can’t fight the way we used to see from Pacquiao and Mexican greats Juan Manuel Marquez, Julio Cesar Chavez and Erik Morales.

What we’ve seen from Canelo is a fighter moving forward, looking to load up on single punches and then rest for 20 seconds before throwing another big punch.

It would be great if Canelo could fight like Marquez and Chavez, but he can’t.

The way to beat Canelo is to pick up the pace by attacking him with non-stop punches, but he hasn’t faced anyone who has done that since his second fight with Gennady Golovkin in 2018.

This fight was Canelo’s end against quality opposition, as he has taken on safe opponents ever since.

“Good for the Cuban fighter. He’s good, but before he couldn’t beat Manny,” Beristain said of Ugas.

Yordenis Ugas would have had a tough time had he fought a young Pacquiao in his 20s or 30s.

Even 42-year-old Pacquiao caused problems for Ugas. Nobody says Ugas would have beaten a younger version of Pacquiao.

Fans are just following what is. Pacquiao has aged and been beaten by a young man in Ugas, and that’s all anyone cares about.


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