Chantelle “El Capo” Cameron defeats Mary “Merciless” McGee for unification victory! Boxing News 24

Through Ken hissner: At the O2 Arena, Greenwich, London, UK, “The Road to the Undisputed” Saturday on DAZN Eddie Hearn (Matchroom Boxing) partnered with Lou DiBella Entertainment in the WBC World Champion Chantelle Main Event “El Capo Cameron of the United Kingdom defeated IBF World Champion Mary “Merciless” McGee of the United States to unify the WBC and IBF Super Lightweight world titles.

In the WBC Main Event, world welterweight champion Chantelle “El Capo” Cameron, 15-0 (8), # 139 ½, of Northampton, UK, easily beat IBF world super champion. lightweight Mary “Merciless” McGee, 27-4 (15), # 139 ½, of Gary, Indiana, USA, on 10 laps.

In the first two laps, McGee threw more but Cameron had the hardest hits. At the end of the second round, Cameron pushed McGee towards the canvas and received a warning from referee Mark Lyson. In the third round, Cameron became more aggressive supporting McGee the entire round. In the fourth round, action resumed with McGee against the ropes. Halfway through the fifth round, a Cameron right to the top of McGee’s header knocked her off balance.

In the sixth round, McGee was unable to cut the ring with Cameron moving well. When McGee caught up with her, it was Cameron who landed more punches. By the seventh round it was Cameron for the most part until the dying seconds when McGee went left-handed for a few seconds landing punches. In the eighth round, the final seconds, the two let it all hang out when the bell rang and referee Mark Lyson had to come between them to stop the action.

In the ninth round it was all Cameron until the dying seconds when McGee turned the left-hander’s punches. In the tenth and final lap, a desperate McGee was chasing Cameron to catch up with her only to encounter some backlash. It looked like a shutout win for Cameron.

The scores were 100-90, 99-91 and 99-92 with this writer 100-90.

“She was tough but took some good hits. She was a big girl. (question about Kali Reiss and Jessica Camara who are fighting for 3 titles with whom would she like to fight) it does not matter I will win the titles!

Former British light heavyweight champion Craig “Spider” Richards, 17-2-1 (10), # 175, of Crystal Palace, London, UK, arrested Marek Matyja, 20-3-2 (9) , # 174 ½, from Wroclaw, POL, at 2:34 of the sixth round of the 10 scheduled laps.


In the first two laps, Matyja stepped forward but did not pull the trigger. He was stopped by an effective Richards jab. In the third round, the last minute, Matyja shook Richards with a chin right and again thirty seconds later. Richards returned to win the next two rounds, overtaking Matyja.

In the sixth round, a right uppercut to Richards chin triggered Matyja to fall when a flurry of punches followed, Matyja hanging on until referee John Latham aptly called the save.

Youssef Khoumari, 13-1-1 (5), # 129 ¾, of Wembley, London, UK, lost a majority decision to Jorge Castaneda, 15-1 (11), # 129, of Laredo, TX, on a solid 10 rounds, for the vacant WBC International Silver Super Featherweight title.

In the first two rounds, Castaneda had an advantage with strong shots. In the third round, Khoumari finished the last minute strong to win the round. In the fourth round in the last minute, a left hook to Khoumari’s body injured Castaneda.

In the fifth round, a fight broke out again, Khoumari finished strong in the last thirty seconds by securing a lead just over the chin of Castaneda who returned with his own punches to the body. Towards the end of the round he landed a good left hook on Castaneda’s chin. In the sixth round, with a minute to go to Khoumari’s left on the chin, Castaneda shook. In the eighth round after a minute a left hook at Castaneda’s temple almost knocked Khoumari down. In order to survive, he lifted a leg from Castaneda without warning from referee Victor Loughlin.


In the final thirty seconds of the ninth round, Castaneda may have stolen the round with some bodywork. All the round Khoumari had his right glove against his left temple where the previous round he had been injured by a left hook. In the tenth and final lap it was tight but Castaneda seemed to come out with more offense.

The scores were 95-95, 97-94 and 96-94 with this writer 95-95. The eighth round seemed to pull it off.

Popular heavyweight Alen “The Savage” Babic, 9-0 (9), # 214 ¼, of Zagreb, Croatia, arrested Eric “Drummer Boy” Molina, 28-7 (20), # 257, of Rio Grande Valley , TX, at 1:30 am of the second lap of one of the 8 scheduled laps.

In the first round, a right following a jab from Babic to Molina’s chin after seven seconds and down went Molina. He caught the rest of the round. In the second round, a Babic right to the side of the head and down went Molina claiming to have been hit in the back of the head. As he stood up, Babic was on top of him with a left hook dropping Molina again, forcing referee Kieran McCann to stop.

It was his seventh fight in the UK of his nine fights.


Heavyweight Johnny “The Romford Bull” Fisher, 4-0 (4), # 242, of Romford, London, UK, stopped Alvaro Terrero, 5-14-2 (3), # 222, of Cadiz, Andalusia, SP, at 2:06 of the second round of a 6-lap program.

In the second round, a right uppercut to Fisher’s chin and that started Terrero’s fall seconds later he went down for a count of 8. Fisher was all over Terrero with a right followed by a left on the head. for a second reversal. Fisher started to celebrate as Terrero’s corner threw in the towel but the ref did not see him and gave Terrero the count of 8 and then waved his hand.

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