CJ Vergara Hosts MMA Seminar at Laredo Kick Boxing Academy


UFC and Laredo Native CJ Vergara returned to his hometown for an MMA seminar where he shared his experience with local fighters.

“It’s the whole essence of martial arts that you learn and share. Fortunately, I have been blessed by my coaches to be able to come here and to be able to share what they have given me. This is the city ​​where I come from and I have a lot of heart for the city, a lot of love, so coming here and sharing knowledge, sharing love and making new relationships, it has been a real pleasure for me”, Vergara said in between sessions.

This seminar was held at the Laredo Kick Boxing Academy (LKA) owned by Hometown fighter Sonny Luque, who has trained with Vergara in the past.

“I was going to train in his coaches gym. Pete Spratt’s gym and we used to train together so many times…He was static, he was beyond excited to help us. Coming to Laredo gives us a bit of what he learned »

Although they are both at different stages of their careers, they have both shown their passion for the sport but also a desire to want to help others, especially in Laredo.

“Our goal is to make sure that children learn what we are trying to teach them, to build their self-confidence and that alone prevents them from being bullied,” Luque said as a message to those who might be skeptical about trying the sport. of MMA here in Laredo.

“If your journey is from a place of passion and love and you can really see the vision no matter what, it doesn’t have to be athletics, it can be whatever your field, time is biomechanical engineering or marine biology, whatever it is if you really visualize it and can feel it inside of you every day when you wake up every day when you’re working on your craft.. don’t you don’t stop,” Vergara said towards the end of my time at LKA

Cj continues to prepare for his third UFC fight against Tatsuro Taira on October 15. Sonny Luque is still an active fighter, but he mentioned that he still has one fight left and after this one he will more than likely retire.

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