Danny Roman ready to seize the opportunity against Stephen Fulton Jr.

Former Thompson Boxing undisputed world super bantamweight champion Daniel Roman (29-3-1, 10 KOs) has enlisted an elite strength and conditioning program ahead of his fight against the super bantamweight champion WBC and WBO Stephen Fulton (20-0, 8 KOs). ).

Premier Boxing Champions and SHOWTIME Sports will broadcast the 12-round world title clash on June 4, 2022, live from The Armory in Minneapolis, MN.

“This is the fight of a lifetime for me, a chance to become a two-time unified champion, and for that reason I had to enlist a world-class strength and conditioning team to take me to the level superior,” Roman said after a training session.

“We’re doing things I’ve never done before, like tracking my heart rate, doing high-intensity interval training, working on balance. Every day I go to the gym, I am pushed to improve in uncomfortable places. The craziest part is that each exercise goes in the direction of what I want to do in the ring, so it just adds to the training. I wish I had done it sooner, but I’m grateful to do it now.

Roman, who is one of Thompson Boxing’s marquee fighters, became a legend in the Los Angeles area fighting on big cards for the latter part of the decade, becoming one of the most dominant super bantamweights of his time.

“In Fulton’s last fight I saw that he didn’t handle pressure very well, and in this fight he has to improve because I’m going to bring everything that Figueroa brought and more,” he said. said Roman. “I’m working on everything that I think he might have an advantage over me in this fight, starting with all aspects of my strength and conditioning. My goal is to surprise him with the new version of myself on fight night.

Roman is riding a two-fight winning streak and is looking forward to becoming a two-time unified world champion for the second time in his career, a rare feat in the sport.

“I want to be a legend, a Hall of Famer, and to do that I have to win this fight,” Roman said. “I push myself every day in the gym to be my best. I used to only focus on boxing and running, now I have equally challenging strength and conditioning training that complements my training. I’m going to be on a different level because I’ve never prepared for a fight like this before. Get ready for a great show!