Deontay Wilder vs. Andy Ruiz Jr. Interest in PPV grows despite stagnation

World Boxing News recently updated regarding Deontay Wilder vs. Andy Ruiz Jr. to see a massive spike in interest in the Pay Per View potential.

As WBN first reported, Premier Boxing Champions chief Al Haymon has had his sights set on the heavyweight battle since 2019.

Only Wilder’s involvement in a Tyson Fury saga and a contract rematch between Ruiz and Anthony Joshua ended an undisputed clash between the two at the end of this year.

Since then, the wheels of the event have fallen for several reasons.

First, Wilder lost his title to Fury in February 2020. Then, a stipulated trilogy prevented “The Bronze Bomber” from negotiating with Ruiz. However, as the refereeing was uncertain at the time, Haymon had a firm back-up plan should Wilder lose his bid to force Fury’s hand.

Wilder vs. Ruiz would have lasted late 2020 or early 2021 had the decision been made against the former WBC heavyweight champion.

As for Ruiz, he lost his handful of straps to Joshua in Saudi Arabia at the end of 2019 and took advantage of his time out after earning two huge days’ pay.

To combat ring rust, Ruiz took on Chris Arreola before Wilder lost to Fury again in 2021.

Haymon now has a window open to secure Wilder against Ruiz for this year. However, Wilder is unsure if he will return to action.

He told Byron Scott: “I’m thinking of doing Ayahuasca [a South American psychoactive brew]. This will be my decision-making process.

“I want to take this journey because a lot of tribes allow their younger sons to take this journey. They say they want their sons to overcome their fears, and that’s how they turn them into men.

“So I really want to take this trip and see what I see there before I make my decision.”

Deontay Wilder Andy Ruiz Jr.


When he returns, Ruiz will find out where he stands and if the pair of former executives can finally get a big-budget Pay Per View.

The previous WBN-led story quickly gained traction and has already racked up more than 400,000 views on social media.

More than a thousand comments followed talk of the clash, which could be a massive trade event for Haymon if he can persuade Wilder to try one more time.

Right now, there aren’t many options for either fighter. The WBC could even put the interim title on the line.

Unless Wilder returns, the fight may never happen.

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