Deontay Wilder warns Tyson Fury against cheating – boxing news

Deontay Wilder gave Tyson Fury a warning on Saturday about his cheating ahead of their trilogy match. Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) says he regrets ANY of the cheating allegations he has made against Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs) since his loss to him 20 months ago during of their revenge in Las Vegas.

(Photo credit: Sean Michael Ham / TGB Promotions)

In what appears to be a reference to Fury’s beating gloves, says Wilder “Your eyes don’t lie.

You can bet Wilder’s trainer Malik Scott will check Fury’s gloves with a fine comb before the fight to make sure there is nothing wrong with them.

Also, he’ll likely have a long conversation with the referee to warn the police about Fury’s bunny punches and the use of a headlock in case he goes down that route to try and take the advantage against Deontay in this critical fight.

There’s a lot at stake for this third Wilder vs.Fury 3 fight, as the winner might have to go $ 100 millionon the fight against Anthony Joshua in 2022, if he manages to beat Oleksandr Usyk in their rematch early next year.

When a fighter has a chance to line up to win $ 100 million, they choose throw the Marquees of Queensbury rules out the window to gain a huge advantage to get them victory.

“I don’t regret it and I will go to my grave believing what I believe in,” Wilder said when asked if he regretted some of the cheating accusations he made against Fury after his death. defeat against him last year.

“I know things for a fact. I have confirmation of the clarity of a lot of things, ”Wilder said continuing on the subject of his belief that Fury cheated the last time they fought.

“One thing about it. Men lie and women lie, but your eyes don’t lie in what you see. Lots of people can believe whatever they want, we are all human beings.

“We believe what we want, but the eyes don’t lie. It only made me better as a fighter to understand to see certain things and to know things for facts. It made me hungrier than before.

“God is a great God, and he makes no mistakes. I wouldn’t take it back for nothing. Even the way I felt coming into the fight, and even the way Chris took the mask off me, which I felt. I wouldn’t take it back for nothing. I needed it. It was a blessing in disguise, ”Wilder said.

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