Deontay Wilder’s brother signs fight deal despite back-to-back losses

Marsello Wilder

Deontay Wilder’s boxing brother is back in the ring for a new adventure with a host of legends.

Wilder senior may be considering his future in the sport. However, his younger brother Marsellos Wilder arguably isn’t.

Marsellos has signed to fight under the newly launched ProBox TV banner.

On May 14, Wilder takes on Cleveland Billingsly III, an equally run 3-7. The fight comes on the heels of the third loss in eight fights for Wilder.

Eric Abraham beat Wilder on points two and a half years after being wiped out by Justin Long.

ProBox TV moved quickly to secure Wilder to increase its early subscriber base.

According to the company, it is “the first and only global sports streaming and media company dedicated exclusively to the sport of professional boxing.”

“ProBox was founded by Garry Jonas, who was previously the founder and CEO of Iron Mike Productions, working alongside Mike Tyson, in partnership with the legendary Roy Jones Jr., Juan Manuel Marquez, Antonio Tarver and Paulie Malignaggi.

“ProBox’s mission is to provide true boxing fans with an enhanced experience when watching and following the sport, all for a nominal monthly fee of $1.99.”


Marsellos has fought with his big brother Deontay Wilder many times before.

Wilder will be a small part of this new venture, which Jonas says will be a game changer.

Deontay Wilder fights Marsellos Wilder

“The sport of boxing in its current state is underperforming, as evidenced by the sport’s declining viewership and the relative popularity of the UFC,” Jonas said.

“Our goal is to give boxing fans what they want: better content and better prizes.

“Fans have been left without a ‘boxing channel’ that is 100% dedicated to the sport and ensures consistent, high-quality content.

“With the introduction of ProBox, we are demonstrating our commitment to solving these issues on an unprecedented global scale.”

Roy Jones Jr added: “True boxing fans should check out ProBox. Our events feature top prospects and contenders around the world battling it out.

“With me, Juan, Tarver and Paulie all at ringside calling for action and then taking fans behind the scenes, ProBox subscribers can look forward to a whole new experience watching and following the sport. “

“We are dedicated to the best interests of the fans. So our philosophy with quality control is simple: only good fighters in great fights,” added Jonas.

“Strictly low volume runners, holders and punchers are not welcome at ProBox. We demand action fights on par.

“We insist on bringing this high-quality content to the millions of boxing fans around the world for an affordable nominal monthly price.”


Through the ProBox app and website (, subscribers can stream live boxing events in a uniform, high-action fashion. They can access a wide range of premium support content.

ProBox’s live content menu will initially include Future Stars (or Prospects). Plus, a Contenders Series and unique Premiership and Championship-level events.

ProBox’s Support Content Library will initially feature Podcasts, News, Talk Shows, and ProBox Originals. This includes behind-the-scenes and “in the gym” content, as well as documentaries and other productions at ProBox’s studios in Tampa, Florida.

All of ProBox’s live and supporting content will feature commentary from the company’s founders: Roy Jones, Jr., Juan Manuel Marquez, Antonio Tarver and Paulie Malignaggi.

As part of the company’s dedication to fans, ProBox has designed its business model to ensure the highest quality product at the lowest possible cost to the consumer.

Rather than a traditional and overpriced pay-per-view model, ProBox operates a monthly subscription model with a price tag of $1.99.

The ProBox app is available worldwide in all major app stores on all major devices and on the RokuⒸ platform.

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