Dillian Whyte wants WBC to take title away from Tyson Fury boxing

By Charles Brun: Interim WBC heavyweight champion Dillian Whyte wants the sanctioning body to withdraw his title from champion Tyson Fury after he allegedly received COVID-19 and unable to defend himself on July 24 against Deontay Wilder .

The Fury vs Wilder III trilogy is now tentatively scheduled for October 9, but it’s unofficial. Fury being sick with COVID-19, there is no way to know for sure if he will be healthy enough to fight in October or if he will need more time.

With a virus-like COVID-19, it could be several months before Fury can return to the ring.

In the meantime, Whyte’s career is negatively affected as he waits for Fury to finally recover. In the worst case scenario, Fury might not be able to defend his WBC title until Q1 2022.

Whyte (28-2, 19 KOs) says the World Boxing Council should do the right thing by changing Fury’s status to “Champion in Recess” and elevating him to the rank of new WBC champion.

Dillian would then face Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) in a title defense, and Fury would face the winner of that match if he is to reclaim his fallen title.

What Dillian is asking the WBC to do makes sense, as they’ve done it before when their world champions were injured and unable to defend their world titles in a timely manner.

In Fury’s case, he had his WBC title for 17 months since his win over Wilder in February 2020 and has yet to make his first title defense. It doesn’t matter that Fury has an apology for why he didn’t make a defense.

The point is, Fury has yet to make a defense after a year and a half of sitting on his WBC title like a mother hen sitting on her egg. It’s time for Fury to take his clothes off and be awarded the title of “Recess Champion”, as Whyte’s career is negatively affected by his failing to secure a world title.

Plus, the WBC isn’t getting away with ensuring that its heavyweight champion doesn’t make annual defenses. If Fury is unable to defend his WBC belt, he must be given the “Champion in Recess” tag until he is healthy.

Whyte says Fury should be undressed

“The WBC should make Fury champion during recess,” Whyte told Sky Sports of Fury sick with COVID-19 and unable to defend his WBC title on the previously scheduled July 24 date.

“I will fight Wilder as the world champion, and the winner of this fight is fighting Tyson Fury, and the winner of it fights Anthony Joshua for the undisputed.

“They should [The WBC] one hundred percent are doing the right thing.

“Tyson Fury held all the titles but never defended any of them. It’s been a year and a half since he won the WBC belt, and still no fight in sight, ”said Dillian.

It makes perfect sense that Fury would be stripped of his WBC title and be given the “Champion in Recess” tag. This is what is supposed to happen when a champion is ill or injured and unable to defend his belt.

If Fury wants his WBC strap, he can always take on the winner of the Wilder vs. Whyte bout for the belt. Charles Brun doubts Fury wants anything to do with either of these guys’ bouts, but there’s always a possibility.

Really, Fury would be very happy if the WBC took his title away from him, as he could then step away from the dangerous fight with Wilder and jump straight into the lucrative money fight against Anthony Joshua.

It is not known if Fury actually has COVID-19. Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn has doubts whether Fury is ill. He points out that the PPV and ticket sales for the Fury vs. Wilder 3 fight have not been good.

Ideally, the WBC should strip Fury down and give him the “Champion in Recess” tag, but they probably won’t because he’s popular. When you’re popular, you don’t lose your titles when you sit idle for years without defending.

Deontay Wilder Dillian Whyte Tyson Fury

Plus, when you’re popular, your fights don’t stop when you pass out in the 12th round.

Hearn wants Whyte to fight Deontay

“It was just to reaffirm that he is ready to fight Deontay Wilder at any time,” Eddie Hearn told iFL TV of Whyte willing to step in and face Wilder on July 24.

“He’s been training non-stop since the fight against Povetkin; he’s in shape for 12 rounds, ”Hearn said of Dillian. “I spoke to him last night and said, ‘I know it’s unrealistic, but would you fight Wilder on July 24th.

“Would you like to put it there?” He said, ‘F **** that’s right. That’s why I posted it. It is for him to decide; it’s the boss.

“He will face Deontay Wilder on July 24, no problem. But, of course, I said that, it wasn’t ironic. This was to reassure everyone as he had been waiting for about 700 years.

“He’s ready to fight Deontay Wilder or Tyson Fury or fight for the WBC world title. So if this fight [Fury vs. Wilder III] is in October, that’s a huge amount of time.

“Deontay Wilder has been training for 11 or 12 weeks. If he wants an interim fight, Dillian Whyte is ready. I wouldn’t put something like this [Whyte volunteering to step in and face Wilder on July 24th] before talking to a fighter.

“I spoke to Dillian and said, ‘Would you like to jump in on July 24?’ I said, ‘I don’t think they’ll leave you, but I’ll put it there.’ He was, ‘F *** right.’ That’s when I pulled it out, and obviously the reaction was overwhelming.

“This fight is huge. Timing, ”Hearn said when asked how he thought he could make the Wilder fight against Whyte in two weeks when he couldn’t make it after years of trying.

“Wilder hasn’t boxed since February 2020. Do you want to wait another three or four months in a fight that now that they see pay-per-view and ticket sales, the money is so bad for this fight in terms of what Fury could have won in the AJ fight, ”Hearn said.

It’s going to be interesting to see if the WBC does the right thing and takes Fury off his belt due to his illness. Again, Charles Brun doesn’t expect the WBC to give Fury the “Champion in Recess tag,” even if they should. He’s too popular, so he’ll be allowed to sit idle without defending his WBC belt.

Eddie suspects poor Fury-Wilder 3 ticket sale caused postponement

“Even in their expectations [of what they thought the Fury vs. Wilder 3 fight would make]Said Hearn. “Look, every time there’s a brawl, a big brawl, and ticket sales explode when something’s taken out, we know the game.

“When you are dealing with people and you know how they work, you know how something goes, you know the difficulty of the business and what people need to be paid for, whatever I say and do am not talking about this situation.

“All I’m saying is usually when something like this happens sometimes there’s something more beyond that,” Hearn said, hinting that Fury had withdrawn. of his July 24 fight not because he was sick with COVID-19 but rather because of poor ticket sales and low numbers of PPVs.

“I’m not saying someone is lying. I’m just saying I don’t believe everything I hear. So we’ll see, ”Hearn said.

It is highly suspicious that Fury suddenly falls with COVID-19 when ticket sales are reportedly poor.

The point is, ticket and pay-per-view sales might not improve when Fury is said to be healthy enough to fight. What happens then? Does Fury get COVID-19 a second time? If the fight can’t make money, maybe it shouldn’t be on a PPV.

Whyte’s fight in August is being finalized

We’re finalizing negotiations with a few fighters right now, ”Hearn said of Whyte’s fight in late August in America.

“We will make that decision this weekend. We will make this announcement. We have three or four announcements we need to make, and that will happen next week.

“It’s Dillian’s plan to box in late August in America. He’s one of the guys we talk to [promoter] Dimitry Salita and his team, ”Hearn said of US heavyweight Jermaine Franklin being one of the guys up for Whyte’s next fight in August.

“Obviously, there was a lot of back and forth with Charles Martin. I would love to see this fight. I don’t think it’s the August fight.

“I would love to do two fights for Dillian in America at the end of August and then in November. I think they [U.S boxing fans] are going to like it there.

“I think he’s playing a bit of a waiting game as we know with everything [to get a crack at the WBC heavyweight title]. He’s back with a win over Povetkin.

“Whether it’s Franklin, [Cassius] Chaney, Charles Martin or Arreola, those are the kinds of fights on the two fights that I think would work well for him. I think people would really appreciate it there.

“I don’t think he looks at Charles Martin and thinks, ‘Oh, yeah’, but you can’t ignore him, and I love it.

“I love that side of Dillian, and I would love to see that side of Dillian in the fight. Listen, Charles Martin is a good fighter.

“He was like 31-0 when he boxed AJ. He’s got 25 KOs, left-handed, and he can hit. He had a very close fight with Adam Kownacki. he crushed [Gerald] Washington and had some good victories.

“He’s a good fighter, and he’s on a good run. He’s a very dangerous fighter [for Whyte], and he’s got a goofy, left-handed, and huge style.

“With Dillian I want to do something different for him because he’s been fighting these tough fights in the UK for a long time.

“I want to make it grow in the American market. I think he has the ability to fight anywhere in the world, maybe if it’s in Macau, China, or if it’s in Australia against Dempsey McKean or some other Australian heavyweight there.

“That’s the beauty of what we do with the DAZN global product. He’s a guy who I think has global appeal, and just in that short time, I’d like to develop that exposure and that profile for him, ”Hearn said of Dillian.

Interestingly, Hearn mentions little-known second-tier heavyweight Cassius Chaney as one of the guys being considered for Whyte’s fight in late August.

He’s similar to Jermaine Franklin in that he has an undefeated record filled with wins over fluffy opponents. Like Franklin, Chaney is not ranked in the top 15 by any of the four sanctioning bodies.

Hearn says he wants to make a name for Whyte in the United States; he chooses a wrong way to achieve this goal if you ask me.

The way to make a name for Whyte in America is to pit him against some quality heavyweights that American boxing fans know well.

I’d guess that even die-hard fans in the United States don’t know Chaney and Franklin. I never saw one of them fight.