Dustin Poirier Reveals What He Really ‘Won’ In Tough Battle Against Conor McGregor

Dustin Poirier fought Conor McGregor in a trilogy fight when he had the opportunity to compete for the lightweight championship. Financially, his decision made perfect sense. His fights, against the biggest current draw in combat sports, were among the best-selling PPVs in UFC history. Still, fans frequently troll him for taking the fight.


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‘El Diamanté’ had an interaction with a fan who tried to make fun of him for the championship losses. Additionally, they mentioned McGregor’s fights as the main source of Poirier’s finances.


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Poirier was in no mood to explode. So, he embraced his comments and gave a candid response on what he got from McGregor’s fights.

“I gained financial freedom from my family,” writes Poirier.

Poirier frequently interacts with his fans primarily with enemies more than those who support him. In an interview with MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani, the top MMA reporter brought this to Poirier’s attention.

“If I’m a hardcore Poirier fan…I’d rather retweet myself,” Helwani suggested what his fans might think about Poirier retweeting and responding to trolls.


What did Dustin Poirier’s wife tell Conor McGregor after his loss at UFC 264?

6 months ago

“And I do sometimes…or I’ll respond directly to those guys when I see him.” It’s so easy because my timeline is full of hate.” Poirier said before submitting that now for his training camps he uses a social media team.

“If I’m there several days in a row, I read it a lot so I’m really like [retweeting and replying] but some days I’m fine, said Poirier.

Thus, Poirier and his wife work to minimize Poirier’s interaction with trolls. But looking at these tweet de Poirier, it seems that they are still reaching for it.

Is Dustin Poirier fighting Colby Covington or Nate Diaz?

The former interim UFC belt winner at 155lbs has teased a fight with the former interim champion winner at 170lbs. Additionally, this came after he initially suggested he would never fight ‘Chaos’. So, it appeared that the UFC would jump at the idea of ​​booking this grudge match between former ATT teammates. Unfortunately, that was not the case.


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Then again, Poirier also expressed lock horns with Nate Diaz. And the Stockton native is looking forward to his last contract fight with the UFC. Even UFC President Dana White has shown interest in booking the fight between these two enemies of Conor McGregor. Still, there is no clue as to what is the heist of this fight.

Some UFC analysts and members of the media believe the UFC wouldn’t blink to book this match only if Diaz re-signs with the promotion. But giving him a favorable game on his exit would give him more clout when it comes to negotiations.


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