Emma Dolan rules Norwich fight night

2:51 PM July 16, 2022

Emma Dolan returned to the boxing ring with a bang – and a place in the local sports history books.

The 24-year-old boxer from Dereham became the first female boxer to headline a fight night in town, on her first outing in six months.

His “victim” at the Norwich Airport Holiday Inn show on Friday was the resilient Jamileth Vallejos, who was pretty much beaten from pillar to pillar in six rounds.

Dolan’s elevation to top tier status in just her fourth fight reflects not only her ability and promise, but the elevation of women’s boxing into the sport of kings. This development has been embraced by Norwich manager Graham Everett, who has Dolan and Roni Dean under his wing.

“I didn’t think I would see it when I started training, ever,” he said. “You haven’t even seen women in the gym, certainly not. With these two ladies, they are less interested in having pictures of themselves and putting them on social media than some of the male fighters.

“They’re just really tough girls – the two of them come to the gym, they put their heads down and work hard. It is a pleasure to work with them.

Dolan was an attack mode from the first bell, but there was a reason Vallejos was such a badass.

“She fought two weight divisions above what she is,” Everett said. “She hasn’t trained for two or three days, she’s eaten so much the last few days. That’s what it’s like to have an opponent – there’s not much there at the moment. super steal; she could probably do flyweight. When she has someone coming up to her and trying to pick her up and leave themselves open, you’ll see a lot of devastation.

“His opponent won his money and deserves 100 times more – he was a really tough, tough, tough opponent.”

Henri Potter of Gorleston set the tone for the evening with a 39-37 victory over Darryl Tanfuma of Luton, while Mikie Webber-Kane impressed en route to a 39:37 win over Karl Sampson of Sheffield.

Neither visiting fighter was a “gift” to the home pair.

“What our goal is maybe not such great shows, but good quality shows – from Henri to Emma tonight, every fight was seriously competitive and that’s what we want. There’s a recession and the fans are paying a lot of money, but every one of them had fun.