Ex-Undisputed Champion Riddick Bowe Got Seriously Wrong With PPV Broadcast

Former undisputed heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe showed up on the recent Luis Ortiz broadcast against Charles Martin Pay Per View. However, you would have thought that those who broadcast the event would know who he was.

“Big Daddy” Bowe, who led the division in the ’90s and is a boxing legend, rubbed shoulders with early boxing champions and FOX PPV organizers at ringside.

But when it came to showing Bowe on the big screen and giving him his props, the director of the TV part was seriously wrong.

They focused on a completely different man and boxing fans showed dismay at the shock.

“WTF! He’s his stuntman, not Riddick at all! – said a disgruntled buyer.

Another said: ‘If you look closely, there is a real photo of Riddick Bowe. How can someone in charge of a Pay Per View event go wrong? “

Eventually, the Good Bowe aired on the show. However, the televised text has already done the damage.

It’s not like Bowe hasn’t been in the headlines lately, just in case the Pay Per View producer is a millennial devoid of the knowledge of the heavyweights of the 1990s.

The former Olympic silver medalist was all over the media last year after wanting to compete in a celebrity boxing match. The news came despite Bowe’s in poor shape and barely able to maneuver in his day-to-day life.

Riddick Bowe Pay Per View


Instagram exploded when Bowe said, “Hi, I’m Riddick Bowe, two-time heavyweight champion, and just signed a contract with Celebrity Boxing.

“Listen, all of you, I’m ready to go. Who do you think I should fight? Maybe Mike Tyson? Evander Holyfield? Papa Shaq? Or maybe Joe? Joe mom?

“Tell me who you want me to fight, and it’s done!” “

WBN focused on intentions after being shocked by the decision. Eventually, and luckily, Bowe was removed from the event.

At 52, and after witnessing Evander Holyfield’s disastrous return to action, no one needs to see a retired legend endangered.

It’s hard enough to walk through your original boxing career unscathed without making a comeback twenty years after your prime.

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