Fisher is on a different schedule than the other fighters | Sports

Jerrod Fisher makes his professional MMA debut at age 31, but there are a few asterisks to attach to that.

Two years of the pandemic, for example, have slowed everyone’s progress. On top of that, Fisher is a heavyweight, which means he has a different schedule than others.

“Heavyweights have a little different age than everyone else, to fight,” said his trainer, Austin Arnett. “The first thing that goes for everyone is their speed. Speed ​​is not as important for heavyweights.

Undefeated as an amateur, Fisher will be his hometown favorite in the Clearwater Combat main event, which begins at 7 p.m. today at the Clearwater River Resort. He takes on Spokane’s Hunter Orgill, who will be looking to end a three-game losing streak and is 0-1 as a pro.

Seven amateur fights and three pro bouts are scheduled, including a co-main event pitting Gloria Grachanin (0-0 as a pro) of Moscow and Lauren Wolfe (1-0) of Missoula, Mont., in a women’s heavyweight battle rooster.

“I wanted to get a women’s pro fight on this card, and honestly, these are probably two of the best women’s bantamweights I could find in the Northwest,” Arnett said. “Both are young in their professional careers, but the winner is going to be heading for a pretty big future.”

In a third pro event, Jessee Gengler of Lewiston takes on Will Comstock of Spokane in an entertainment-focused welterweight clash of fighters.

In a match that will decide the Inland Northwest amateur welterweight title, Clarkston High School track and field coach Brian McElroy will face Santo Perez of Moses Lake, Washington.

Also in action will be 18-year-old Demitri Morales of Lewiston, one of Arnett’s Martial Arts America’s gymnasium rising stars.

“Demitri is probably one of the most complete and skilled fighters we’ve ever had,” Arnett said. “His future is kind of limitless right now.”

Ticket prices are $25 for general admission, $35 for reserved seating and $50 for front row seats if sold out. Doors open at 5:30 p.m.