Floyd Mayweather tried to rob Aljamain Sterling’s daughter in 2016

Getty Image / Louis Grasse

The world of combat sports almost had one of its biggest fights 6 years ago and it seems like no one knew until today.

According to Aljamain Sterling, he was out with a girl one night when Floyd Mayweather sent a guy to ask them out on a date with Floyd. Sterling says that wouldn’t have been the case and Floyd would then have tried to separate him from his daughter. Sterling declined the offer.

Then Floyd sent a woman to talk to them. Sterling remained skeptical and told Floyd’s friends to let him know that if he wanted to, the two undefeated fighters could find out right away which was better between boxing and MMA. Sterling doesn’t believe that message ever got back to Floyd.

Sterling told the story on the “Spinnin Backfist” podcast today.

If this fallout had actually happened, it would likely have ended the debate between boxing and MMA once boxing fans saw what it looked like when their GOAT couldn’t defend a takedown.

Floyd would end up fighting a UFC opponent when he took on Conor McGregor in a boxing match 5 years ago. He would win this fight with relative ease and still maintain that all-important “0” next to his name.

Sterling has suffered a few losses since, dropping a pair of split decisions and suffering a knockout against Marlon Moraes. However, he now holds the UFC bantamweight title and recently defended the belt for the first time in a split decision win over Petr Yan.

Let this story be a lesson to you folks, if you ever go out and see Aljamain Sterling with his fiancée, don’t try to steal his girlfriend. It won’t end well for you.