George Kambosos tells Teofimo Lopez: “Stop being an ab****”

By Jim Calfa: George Kambosos Jr took to social media to tell Teofimo Lopez to “Stop being ab***” with how his stomach hurts about how he was hurt before and during his loss to him last November.

Kambosos says Teofimo watched “great” before the fight and when he sent him to intensive care later. As for Kambosos, Teofimo should take his loss “like a man” and stop making excuses.

Former unified lightweight champion Teofimo (16-1, 12 KOs) looked like he was going to cry as he told Mark Kriegel how he battled through an injury in his 12-round split decision loss to Kambosos. To top it all off, Teofimo added that he thought he deserved the win, not Kambosos.

The only thing missing was violin music in the background as Teo groaned over his heroic deed.

Teofimo will fight next month on August 13 on ESPN against obscure journeyman fighter Pedro Campa (34-1-1, 23 KOs) at Resorts World Las Vegas, Las Vegas.

Marc Kriegel: You fought Kambosos with a disease called pneumomediastinum, [which is] air in your chest cavity and neck. The doctor said you were lucky to be alive.

Teofimo Lopez: “Indeed, I am. Every doctor who sees my report says, “How the hell did you survive that?

Kriegel: “Should your son have been in the ring?

Lopez senior: “No. At all.”

Kriegel: “The probable cause was a tear in the esophagus during rehydration.”

Teofimo Jr: “I drink water, and a few minutes later my tone of voice changed. So I started touching my neck. Next thing I know, it’s so swollen you could tell something happened.

Lopez Sr: “I told him, ‘Let’s go to the ER and check it out. He decided not to.

Teofimo Jr: “The thing is, the amount of postponements, the amount of pressure.”

Kriegel: “You are putting your life in danger by stepping into the ring.”

Teofimo Jr: “Yeah, I made a choice.

Kriegel: “Should that be the choice of your coach or your coaches?”

Teofimo Jr: “If a fighter is going to come out, a fighter is going to come out. That’s the decision. »

Lopez Sr: “I never should have let him fight. I should have controlled the situation better. I let others dictate things that shouldn’t have happened.

Kriegel: “Wasn’t it your responsibility to say, ‘We’re not fighting.’

Lopez Sr: “I told him. I told him even inside the fight.

Kriegel: “But isn’t it your responsibility to cancel it?”

Lopez Sr: “He would never have spoken to me.”

Teofimo Jr: “So on round seven I look up at the lights and just say to God, ‘I need your help here because I’m about to do something that I’m not for. done, and that’s it. .’ Three rounds later I put that little b*** in his lap.

Kriegel: “Was it a mistake to fight?”

Teofimo Lopez: “It was the biggest choice I ever decided to make in my life.”

Kriegel: “You almost died.”

Teofimo Jr: “Good. I needed this.”

Kriegel: “You almost had to die? »

Teofimo Jr: “To realize how dark and mean people really are because I won that fight, no matter the question. The ref meant it. He raised his hand before they called Kambosos. As a fighter you have to beat the champion, he didn’t do enough to beat the champion.

Kriegel: “Who beat you then?”

Teofimo Lopez: “The only person who beat me was myself, and that’s it. It’s my sport. I have something these other fighters don’t have. That IT factor, and that’s why God blessed me to come back and do what I do best; to entertain.'”