Gomez shines on Christmas: weekend afterthought

Most of the boxing is done for the year but some struggles remain. Several took place this holiday week, with young talent in the spotlight on a Christmas show on Fox.

The Fox card was designed around the presentation of Joey Spencer and Vito Mielnicki, but at the end of the day there were other talents to catch the eye. Spencer and Mielnicki took care of their assignments, with Spencer scoring an eye-catching knockout and Mielnicki, still a teenager, showing some developmental progress.

Neither really stole the show. Cuban Yoelvis Gomez, 24, might have stopped Clay in the very first round. Collard had only been arrested once in his career and never so categorically. Gomez is just 5-0 with all five KO wins. The cap may be high for the young junior middleweight.

Futures contracts: For the three men mentioned, as well as Kenneth Sims Jr. and Rajon Chance who also won on Saturday 2022, it will be about more reps and whether they are placed in the right places, on the right maps, to develop the interest of the fans. Sims is further ahead, already 28 and on a four-game winning streak after a poor stretch where he went 1-2-1. Gomez is fighting in one of the most talented places on the ladder, so there’s no need to rush him. He can become a full-fledged middleweight as a lot of talent currently at welterweight and middleweight Jr. is struggling at 160 lbs. Gomez’s timing could be to his advantage.

While neither Spencer nor Mielnicki may have quite the appearance of a top-notch prospect, PBC is clearly investing in them. Are they looking for something like the regional attractions on the east coast that have been successful in the past? They could be and it is not a reckless investment. If one or both ends up being something, it works. If they create enough fans for someone else to beat them later, that works, too.

A Dominican-style robbery?

Opinions vary, but the strongest linked to the midweek clash between strawweights Vic Saludar and Erick Rosa appears to be that Saludar got the deal. This despite the fact that Saludar has been officially overthrown twice and returned the favor once. It’s an interesting time for everything to do with the WBA title scene. Consolidation efforts to clean up the sanctioning body’s headline mess continue, which means Rosa is in line for a crack at the main title Knockout COP Freshmart.

Futures contracts: Assuming the WBA don’t defeat, the obvious showdown will be Freshmart-Rosa in 2022. Could Saludar protest for a rematch? It is possible, although the best-case scenario is to hope for a shot against the winner of a WBA clarification clash. The Straw Weight can be hard to get excited about even among the most die-hard fans, but with this situation and Petchmanee CP Freshmart-Wanheng Menayothin’s looming rematch next month, it’s as much life as the division has had for. some time.

Cliff Notes …

For those who can see it, enjoy the Kazuto Ioka scrap on New Year’s Day… For those who choose to buy it, take advantage of the Luis Ortiz-Charles Martin card on New Year’s Day… And to all BoxingScene readers , happy new year 2022.

Cliff Rold is Editor-in-Chief of BoxingScene, a founding member of the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board, a member of the International Boxing Research Organization, and a member of the Boxing Writers Association of America.