I didn’t ask for it, and I don’t want it – Nate Diaz fixes Khamzat Chimaev’s fight record at UFC 279

Someone needs to check the record, because Dana White and Nate Diaz have two very different stories to tell. In late July, the UFC president sat down with TMZ to allay suspicions that the promotion was setting up Diaz to terminate his contract with a brutal loss before hitting free agency.

“Well, people saying that obviously didn’t read when Nate said, ‘I asked for this fight,'” White said in defense of the booking. “It’s true and he also asked for Francis Ngannou. So if I kicked him out to get slaughtered, Francis Ngannou would probably be the fight to give him.

If Nate’s calls were something most fans missed, it’s no wonder, as they seem like something even Nate wasn’t aware of. In a recent interview with ESPN, the Stockton-based fighter was in no doubt about it; while he’s absolutely ready to fight Chimaev, it’s not a fight he ever asked for or wanted.

“I’m the champion of the whole UFC, absolutely. And I don’t care,” Diaz proclaimed on a long hike. “And what are they making me do now?” Do they act like I called for this fight, didn’t call and don’t want and don’t want and still don’t want. But I don’t care, I’ll fight anyone. But, the pressure is on him, he better finish me off, because he’s the next killer in town…

“This fight isn’t even about this guy,” he continued, “it’s about ‘doing’ this guy. And I’m like, ‘Okay, you’re not letting me go? Because I Am the best fighter here? And you’re not gonna let me go unless it’s someone? I have to make you someone? Well, okay, you’re welcome. Nothing, UFC. You are welcome, Dubai. You are welcome, all you motherfuckers, in your country. You are welcome.”

Despite everything Diaz may think he’s being set up to put Chimaev down, however, it doesn’t seem like he’s harboring any ill will towards Dana White. As far as he’s concerned, it’s just business, and he and White get along just fine. So good, in fact, that Diaz could even see himself returning to the promotion for another contract.

“I’m also on Dana White’s side,” Diaz revealed. “All is love. I understand business, so it’s all good for me. Me and Dana always got along on everything too. And I ain’t inking Real Fighting [Diaz’s new combat sports promotion] because I am against no one. I’m not going anywhere or doing anything. I have no plans for what my next move will be. If something happens in this fight, I might have to re-sign to get a rematch. If I don’t whip that motherfucker’s ass right now, then come on.

“Regardless of what happens, though – and say I’m leaving, or do whatever – the best fighters are in the UFC and have been for a long time and will be for a long time, I’m sure. That’s not to say the most real shit happens in the UFC. But, no matter what I do, I’ll be in the UFC.

UFC 279 takes place this Saturday night at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV. Alongside the Chimaev/Diaz main event, the card is set to feature a welterweight bout between Li Jingliang and former interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson, as well as a 180-pound catchweight bout between Kevin Holland and Daniel Rodríguez.