J. Prince remembers discovering Floyd Mayweather

J. Prince and Floyd Mayweather have had an interesting manager-athlete history. Surprisingly, Prince didn’t have Mayweather on his radar when they met and wanted to sign Mike Tyson instead.

In 1999, J. Prince flew to Las Vegas to watch Mike Tyson practice and attempt to sign him. However, his deal with Tyson failed and he ended up signing Floyd Mayweather instead. Prince continued to be Mayweather’s manager for several years before the two severed ties in 2003.

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During an interview with James Lynch in 2020, Prince revealed how he stumbled upon Mayweather:

“So I didn’t know Floyd was a champion. In fact, before I came to Las Vegas, I prayed to the creator, asking him to bless me with a champion. So after the fight, I went to Mike Tyson’s house. , we had a meeting and after the meeting I felt like I was on Mike Tyson’s team, you know, moving forward because that’s what we agreed to. , I woke up I couldn’t reach Tyson, his phone was off and I had a card in hand that Floyd gave me and I asked my friend and I said, ‘Who is this guy here man? ‘ He said ‘This is Floyd Mayweather, the 130 pound champion.’ So immediately a red light went on in my head, I’m like a man, I prayed for a champion. “

Watch J. Prince’s full interview with James Lynch below:

Why did Floyd Mayweather and J. Prince cut ties?

Floyd Mayweather was signed with J. Prince until 2003 before the two severed ties rather aggressively. Mayweather was scheduled to face Phillip N’dou in 2003. However, with his contract with Prince nearing its expiration date, ‘Money’ wanted to postpone the fight so his then manager could not get a share of the stock market. $ 3 million.

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After being made aware of Floyd’s plan, J. Prince did not accept it too kindly. Bob Arum has revealed that a group of guys who may have been associated with Prince beat up some people in Mayweather’s camp with baseball bats. This ultimately led to Floyd Mayweather paying his then manager.

After the incident, J. Prince was awarded $ 600,000, which would have been his share of Floyd’s $ 3 million purse, and the two officially cut ties.

Edited by John Cunningham

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