Jake Paul breaks silence on lawsuit of UFC President Dana White

Jake Paul recently lashed out at UFC President Dana White. He pursued it on social media and even released a diss track on Friday morning.

Jake Paul recently spoke out on the UFC president’s lawsuit. It’s about forcing Dana White to react after the two chase each other.

“Dana White first tried to get Ben Askren to beat me,” Paul said in an exclusive statement to mma fight. “Then he said he would bet $1 million that I would lose to Askren. After Dana ran away from his own bet, he started saying my fights were over. He then disrespected Tyron Woodley, his four-time champion, and said Tyron was washed. And eventually Dana moved on to pretending that I’m a dirty fighter. Aside from the fact that I’ve been drug tested at every event, I I agreed to get tested by Dana White/UFC but he refused to take up my offer. Obviously testing me isn’t that important to him because it would mean he would have to raise fighters’ salaries and their provide the long-term health care they should receive.

“Dana White is too busy sending lawsuit threats to his heavyweight champions minutes before they step into the cage to fight another man. I think he actually sent my partner [Nakisa Bidarian] the same at 9 p.m. that night, when Dana is supposed to be president of his big PPV event for a public company.

Jake Paul was particularly adamant that Dana White disrespected Francis Ngannou at UFC 270. He wasn’t there to put the belt on him after the fight.

“Imagine if Adam Silver sent a lawsuit to Lebron James minutes before he spoke for the NBA Finals and then refused to hand him the NBA championship trophy after he won,” Paul said in reaction to White’s ne not putting the title on Ngannou. . “It’s pure disrespect to the athlete and the sport.”

Jake Paul ended by making it clear that it wasn’t personal with Dana White. He wants the best for UFC fighters.

“It’s not about boxing or MMA,” Jake Paul explained. “It’s about doing what’s right. The UFC can and must do better given the control it has wielded over MMA fighters. Either treat them as independent contractors, like Uber does for its drivers, or give them the compensation and benefits they deserve as employees.

“So my fund has invested in his company’s stock and I will work to expose his consistent exploitative practices, starting with releasing this song with all proceeds going directly to fighters’ causes.”

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