Jermell Charlo trains for Brian Castano rematch on March 19

Through Chris Williams: Jermell Charlo looks mighty, training for his undisputed 154-pound championship next month on March 19 against Brian Castano in the main event at the Arena in Los Angeles, Calif.

Jermell’s IBF, WBA and WBC junior middleweight titles will be on the line against Castano’s WBO strap in this four-belt title match on Premier Boxing Champions.

WBC, WBA and IBF world champion Jermell Charlo and WBO world champion Brian Castaño will meet in a rematch for undisputed status at 154 pounds on Saturday, March 19 from the Arena in Los Angeles, topping poster of a Premier Boxing Champions event.

The rematch takes place due to a controversial draw in their previous bout a year ago on July 17 at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas.

Charlo (34-1-1.18 KOs) got the better of the action when the two were in the center of the ring, but Castano (17-0-2, 12 KOs) put up a good fight he would pin him against the ropes to unload.

Many boxing fans felt the 31-year-old Jermell did enough to deserve the win as he landed the hardest, cleanest punches and injured Castano multiple times in the fight.

The lone judge who scored it for Castano 114-113 was impressed with his high work rate rather than Charlo’s harder shots. Chris Williams agreed with the judge who scored 117-111 for Jermell because he looked like the better fighter of the two. The third judge scored a draw at 114-114.

In a recent interview with KO Artists SportsCastano said, “Yes, i think so [will need a knockout to win against Charlo]. “I’m going to need to win clearly.

“Seven rounds, I won. It was 7-5,” Castano said. “It was, after all, a fight where I carried. I took the initiative. withdrawing from the outside.

What Castano is saying is he’s going to go looking for a knockout of Jermell, and he’s going to knock him out this time. That is to say; Argentinian Castano will not rely on the judges on March 19.

If Castano goes all out for a knockout, he’s going to put himself in danger against Charlo’s more brutal punch, which means he’s likely to get himself arrested.

Castano, 32, had his best success when he blackmailed Jermell, not allowing him to get the leverage on his shots he needed to generate maximum power.

If Castano forces Charlo to fight inside, he has a chance to knock him out. Jermell can’t hit from close range and his inside game isn’t on par with Castano’s.

That said, Castano isn’t going to keep the fight on the inside as Charlo will switch angles and not allow him to use his smothering style.

Brian Castano injured Charlo during an instance during their fight last July when he had him against the ropes. Castano showed he could hurt Jermell with his best shot, but he couldn’t follow through to get him out of there.

Chris Williams doesn’t think Castano will hurt Jermell in the rematch, especially if the action takes place from the outside all night.

The way Castano looks bitter, complaining about getting a bad deal last time out against Jermell, he’s going to fight a lot more aggressively in the rematch.

If Charlo makes the same mistake by allowing Castano to repeatedly back him up against the ropes like last time, we could see the Argentine score a knockout.

Logically, Jermell has the best chance of scoring a knockout in this fight as he already proved he could hurt Castano last time out. Additionally, Castano will give Charlo plenty of opportunities to land his crushing power shots in the rematch by being too aggressive.