Joe Solecki calls on ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone at FURY Pro Grappling 3

Donald Cerrone’s tough times in combat sports competitions continued on Thursday when he was subdued by Joe Solecki in their submission-only bout at FURY Pro Grappling 3.

UFC lightweight Solecki weighed 169 pounds for the contest at 2300 Arena in Philadelphia. “Cowboy,” who has competed at welterweight often in recent years, had a sizable weight advantage at 186 pounds.

It didn’t matter, however.

Solecki and Cerrone buckled up early in the match, and Cerrone let go of his back from a standing position, which resulted in both men rolling towards the mat. Solecki then established upper control, with Cerrone spinning down.

However, he spun too many and gave up his back. They fought in the hand for several seconds, but Solecki then put his forearm under Cerrone’s neck and forced the cock due to a bare back choke at 3:17.

Solecki was delighted after his victory.

“The second Fury Grappling was kind enough to deliver the match, it was yes, yes, yes,” Solecki said in his post-match interview with CM Punk. “He has the most wins in UFC history. It’s a legend. I appreciate the opportunity.

Cerrone, for his part, is currently on a five-fight winless slippage in his UFC career. The UFC legend, 38, who holds the record for most octagon wins, has not fought since a May loss to Alex Morono.