Kickboxing promoter and former Turkish TV star Tarik Solak argue over his will family

“I have never been charged, jailed or questioned for anything embarrassing. I was only in prison for assault. In other words: if I can face my mother, I have no problem. If I can face my mom, I don’t care about anyone else, ”he said at the time.

He went on to become one of Australia’s biggest promoters of kickboxing and mixed martial arts, before expanding to Turkey, where he hosted the A-1 Fighting World Cup.

In 2006, Tarik Solak appeared in a popular Turkish television series known as Pusat, in which he played a boxing trainer who had severed ties with the Mafia.

A decade later, his association with the Melbourne underworld came to the attention of the Victoria Police Sport Integrity Unit, which recommended that he be banned from participating in boxing or combat sports. .

At the time he said Age he was not disturbed by the attempt to remove him from the sport.

I’m the oldest promoter and I have a colorful history, ”he said.

“If I’m not welcome it’s bad luck for the sport… I think people like us are good for business.

“I’m a man smart enough to do my business anywhere, anytime. If I can’t do it in Victoria, I can do it in the other 195 countries of the world, ”he said in 2015.

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