Kristen Hanby vs Vitaly fight UK time: start time and live stream of fight on YouTube

The social media pranksters have a massive base of over 20 million followers, and they’ve shared a heated week of fighting, including nearly coming to blows on multiple occasions

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Vitaly explains Kristen Hanby’s heated rivalry

YouTube pranksters Kristen Hanby and Vitaly will finally step into the ring to settle their vicious rivalry tonight at OVO Arena Wembley.

Social media influencers have a massive following of over 20 million, and they’ve shared plenty of harsh words in the build-up to their grudge fight.

Russian Vitaly Zdorovetskiy has given up his life of alcohol, drug and steroid addiction in a bid to lead a cleaner life ahead of his boxing debut.

Meanwhile, Hanby, a naturally much smaller man, says he ate chocolate and takeout in an effort to reach his rival’s fight weight.

The pair came close to coming to blows several times during the fight week, including an open and wild workout, and tonight you have the chance to throw your hands in the ring.

Here’s everything you need to know about tonight’s massive YouTube boxing match

Fight time and how to watch via live stream

Viewers around the world can watch the fight live on PPV by heading to Showstar’s website.

The PPV stream will cost just £7 and can be streamed to your TV using the app, with action starting at 7pm.

Vitaly and Hanby are the third fight since the end, so expect to see them around 8:30 or 9 p.m. on the night.

Expect a slew of celebrities and athletes to appear throughout the night, along with a “big name rapper” taking the walk with Hanby.

Vitaly fights Kristen Hanby tonight


Showstar Boxing)

Full fight card

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Vitaly vs. Kristen Hanby

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quotes corner

vitally “I feel bad, really – I’ve seen him train, he’s performed on stage, he looks like a joke; he’s a street fighter and that’s boxing!

“I’m a man of my word – I’ll absolutely knock him out, you’ll see.

“The relationship is over, he talked shit about my mum, I talked shit about his grandma, I take responsibility for that but mothers are different.

“He’s going to get slapped, it’s a Rottweiler against a Chihuahua in the ring, I’m going to tear him up.

“He will regret it, it will hurt.

“A bull couldn’t knock me out, how is someone going to tell me that Kristen Hanby can knock me out?”

Who wins; Kristen Hanby or Vitaly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Kristen Hanby “He’s a sleepy idiot, I saw a clip of him training the other day and couldn’t help but laugh.

“I taped it on screen and watched it 30 times, it’s pathetic – he talks about all this but he falls asleep!

“I don’t know where he gets those 60 seconds from, I don’t know what he took, he’s not even going to give me a clean punch.

“I’m going to stop him, I see him now, the referee is going to step in and say ‘he’s had enough, he’s had enough, he can’t breathe!’

“He’s going to need the referee to get rid of him.”

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