Lennox Lewis advises AJ on $15m, reminds $4m Mike Tyson is stepping down


Lennox Lewis has offered his advice to Anthony Joshua on withdrawing money after accepting $4 million from Don King for not fighting Mike Tyson in the 1990s.

The former undisputed heavyweight champion answered questions about Joshua denying he agreed to a $15million deal to avoid a second fight with Oleksandr Usyk.

UK claims AJ was ready to allow Tyson Fury to fight Usyk has been lambasted by the former two-time title holder.

Now Lewis thinks Joshua should go for the belts after doing the same himself when he offered a hefty sum from Tyson and Don King.

“The Pugilist Specialist” wanted to take back his championship from Oliver McCall before facing Tyson.

However, after accepting the money, Lewis was left dry by Tyson as ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ relinquished the WBC title as Riddick Bowe was previously expected to avoid the Briton.

“No!” Lewis said in direct response to being asked if Joshua should go along with the eight-figure sum. He added: “And before you bring up the [$4m] Tyson saved the money, just remember I wasn’t coming out of a loss.

“I would first go get my belts back. This is also not advice or a swipe at AJ. That’s just what I would do in this situation.

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The most famous part of Lewis vs. Tyson’s storyline came when the grudge between the two got personal.


Tyson warned Lewis: “I am the most brutal, vicious and ruthless champion that has ever existed.

“Lennox is a conqueror?” No, I’m Alexander. It’s not Alexander. I am the best of all time. My style is impetuous. My defense is impregnable. I’m just fierce.

“I want your heart. I want to eat his children.

Further, and a little taken aback, Lewis replied, “When he said he was picking me up, I’m like, ‘He’s picking me up? He is crazy. Doesn’t he realize that I’m coming for him?

“When he said he was going to eat my kids, my mom said, ‘What is he talking about? You don’t have kids.

“I’m not into this vulgar prison talk.”


When asked years later if Tyson bullied him, Lewis told the Guardian: “Yes and no. Yes, because TV made him look like King Kong.

“No, because Manny [Steward, my trainer] always told me that Tyson would be my easiest fight.

“I would say, ‘Come on now. It’s going to be a bit difficult. But Manny said, ‘No. This is your easiest fight.

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