Logan Paul reveals he quit smoking marijuana and suffered from ‘nasty’ withdrawal symptoms as he targets boxing redemption in 2022 ahead of mysterious KSI announcement

Logan Paul has revealed that he quit smoking marijuana in early 2022.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer recently listed ‘boxing redemption’ as one of his goals for the new year because he has yet to win a fight.


Logan went the distance with Floyd Mayweather at their show in June

Logan started his career with a white collar draw when he fought fellow YouTuber KSI in 2018.

KSI went on to win their professional rematch the following year.

Logan didn’t fight in 2020, but instead returned in 2021 with an exhibition fight against Floyd Mayweather.

This competition covered the distance of eight laps, but had no official results as it was simply an exhibition.

KSI defeated <a class=Logan Paul by split decision in professional rematch” src=”https://talksport.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2021/09/EM1_8966.jpg?strip=all&w=960&quality=100″ class=”alignnone size-thesun-article-image wp-image-946810″ width=”960″ height=”640″/>

Ed Mulholland / Game Hall

KSI defeated Logan Paul by split decision in professional rematch

Now, Logan and KSI are teasing a mystery announcement for January 4, although it is believed the former rivals will collaborate on another project, rather than announcing a trilogy fight.

Regardless, Logan clearly intends to return to the ring in 2022 and has given up on marijuana, which may well help his preparation.

Logan posted: “A super fun New Years story.

“I quit smoking weed on December 24, had some pretty unpleasant withdrawals (loss of appetite, sleeplessness, extreme irritability) – by far the most difficult week of 2021 for me.

“Then yesterday in New York, I got food poisoning (which was weird because all I had was a small croissant and latte in the morning).

Logan posted pictures of himself looking worse for wear as he suffered from withdrawal symptoms

Logan Paul – Instagram

Logan posted pictures of himself looking worse for wear as he suffered from withdrawal symptoms

“I threw up over 40 times and spent the evening sweating in bed… AND all the pharmacies were closed, so I couldn’t get any medicine.

“I was so dehydrated that I begged the only emergency ambulance in town to put me on an IV so I could restock and go out with my friends.

“They said it wasn’t possible unless they took me to the hospital. Obviously shit that.

“In an attempt to initiate the rally of the century, I managed to put on my costume and go to the party for 10 minutes before realizing my fate was sealed.

“As I walked home to the icy hill and defeated and disappointed, I threw up five more times on the street. Did not miss a stride.

Logan said he felt better on New Years Day

Logan Paul – Instagram

Logan said he felt better on New Years Day

“Coincidentally, this is the third New Year in a row that I’m fatally ill, so I theorized: maybe life has made the beginning of the last few years a nightmare for me, so I enjoy the remaining 364 days.” .

“I consider this to be an unintentional ‘reset’.

“Having been physically and mentally humiliated (again), it was only from here.

“I feel a lot better today and I know this year is going to be astronomical for me.

“I hope you all grab 2022 by the fucking horns and accomplish whatever you want.”