Luke Thomas thinks Jake Paul deserves recognition for his involvement in boxing

Combat sports analyst Luke Thomas has acknowledged that Jake Paul deserves some credit for his impact on the sport of boxing. Thomas, widely praising the growth of youth in the sport, admitted that while he doesn’t believe Paul will be a great boxer, what he has done and continues to do for the sport should not go unnoticed.

Interview with Brendan Schaub on The Schaub Show, Thomas explained that Jake Paul’s MVP promotions had a huge impact on Amanda Serrano’s career. Considered one of the greatest female boxers of all time, ‘The Real Deal’ has exponentially become a more household name among sportspeople. The Puerto Rican will take on the undefeated Katie Taylor at Maddison Square Garden on April 30. Thomas thinks it’s partly because of Jake Paul.

“Amanda Serrano, Katie Taylor this weekend. MVP Promotions with Eddie Hearn at MSG. He’s a great dude. He blew up her profile more than she could. I give him full credit not only for to have raised his profile, but not to be just a taker.”

Thomas mostly praised “The Problem Child” for what it has done for young people in boxing. Citing recent studies, the analyst revealed that the growth in the number of young people under the age of 25 entering the sport is the largest in more than a decade.

Luke Thomas said:

“They did subsequent studies which showed that no sport had added a bigger chunk of the young audience than boxing. It had the biggest growth in the under 25s. I don’t know what d ‘other you can attribute this other than this Cross-over phenomenon on YouTube… The number of young people watching boxing compared to 10 years ago has increased dramatically You have to give it to him, as well as to others, merit.”

Watch the full episode of The Schaub Show with Luke Thomas here:

Will Jake Paul fight Tommy Fury?

The two young boxing stars were originally scheduled to square off in December 2021. Fury later pulled out of the fight with an undisclosed injury and a bacterial chest infection.

I asked @jakepaul what was he thinking @tommytntfuryVictory from: “Congratulations on beating a fighter 10-1. But that stadium was empty. When I fight, the stadium is full. When Tommy fights, no one gives a fuck. And it’s in his country Let’s see how Anderson Silva’s event unfolds.

‘TNT’, who beat their opponent on Saturday by unanimous decision, were hoping to produce a knockout blow in hopes of rekindling a rivalry with ‘The Problem Child’. Paul continued his animosity towards the Englishman, saying the stadium was empty because no one wanted to see him fight.

Jake Paul has also been linked with a fight with former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping. The two exchanged heated words on social media. The general consensus, however, was that if Paul was going to call a retired UFC fighter, it should be Anderson Silva, who switched to professional boxing.

It looks like the American’s eyes will be on the numbers for Anderson Silva’s next fight and only if he deems it financially acceptable.

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