Maria Cecchi left her job as a dancer to focus on her boxing dreams

Maria Cecchi is fully focused on European title glory

European super bantamweight champion Mary Romero defends herself against former Italian champion Maria Cecchi in Milan

On May 13, at Allianz Cloud in Milan, Italy, Opi Since 82-Matchroom-DAZN will be promoting a major card with a triple title.

In the main event, WBO Intercontinental super middleweight champion Daniele Scardina (20-0, 16KOs) will defend against former WBA world super middleweight champion Giovanni De Carolis (29-10-1, 13KOs).

European super bantamweight champion Mary Romero (7-2-2, 2KOs) will defend against former Italian champion Maria Cecchi (6-0, 1KO).

Vincenzo La Femina (10-0, 5KOs) and Matteo Lecca (9-2, 4KOs) will fight for the vacant Italian super bantamweight title. DAZN will stream the show live and later on-demand.

The undefeated Roman explains below that she gave up her job as a dancer to focus on this fight, in the hopes that it will propel her into the spotlight to become the leading lady of Italian boxing.

‘La Russe’, nicknamed for her mother’s ancestry, always puts on a good show with her busy style, throwing plenty of punches throughout the fight. Maria, 26, has a style close to the American fighters she admires. The Lazio southpaw had a good amateur career winning six silver medals in major tournaments and being a member of the Italian national team.

The Roman Russian spoke about her upcoming fight:

Maria, how are you preparing for this fight?

“It’s the fight I’ve been waiting for and so I’m preparing for it as best I can. I left my job as a dancer to focus on this great opportunity. I want to become European champion to have good scholarships which will allow me to be a professional boxer who doesn’t need a second job to make a living, I also want to become a famous character and be hired by Italian TV channels to join the cast of big TV shows like Daniele Scardina and Clemente Russo.

How many times a day do you train?

“I train twice a day, here in Rome. In the morning I do athletics and I run. In the afternoon I go to the Olympic Boxe Gym where I train with coach Giorgio Marinelli who was a pro fighter turned European Union, International and Intercontinental champion.As training partners, I have people who train in my gym and other gyms.

Did you watch any of Mary Romero’s fights?

“No, I don’t care about that. If I feel good physically and I’m focused on the fight, I can beat anyone.

Do you have an Italian or foreign champion as an idol?

“Not really. I like Amanda Serrano a lot, but she’s not famous outside of boxing. Among female boxing champions, there are no characters. Consider Holly Holm who won the world boxing championship. boxing, then the MMA world championship, gained worldwide exposure after beating Ronda Rousey, but never became a character like Rousey.

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