Mike Tyson Tweet is about life

Tyson has been on a hot streak lately in the podcast and new world of mainstream media.

We were also impressed that he didn’t always go all out for the money and decided not to have an exhibition fight anymore.

Good move.

His latest tweet again drops some serious acquaintances:

For those who were baptized later in life and born again, this also applies.

It seems like life and your attitudes and worldview really change when you’re basically reborn, after a while.

Every man for himself, no preaching or nothing, but just more of a quiet, peaceful, joyful life experience.

No one knows the day or time when life’s journey of course ends but enjoy it while it’s here.

Health is your wealth and bring something positive to the world before you go if you can maybe well too.

Tyson all day. Good tweet above.

Regarding the boxing career of Tyson, still the youngest heavyweight champion who ever lived:


Nonchalant, defeatist Irish mentality in sport, work and society