Molly McCann explains how watching Ronda Rousey put her on the path to UFC glory

McCann will return to the octagon on March 19 at UFC London and a documentary will air on BT Sport during fight week about his rise in combat sports.

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Molly McCann explains emotional reaction after winning $50,000 UFC bonus

UFC flyweight Molly McCann is aiming to become world champion, then turn to punditry – after being inspired by Ronda Rousey.

McCann detailed her ambitions in ‘Meatball Molly,’ a documentary that tells the story of her combat sports career so far, a journey that saw her become the first English woman to win a fight at the ‘UFC.

The film – which will air next month on BT Sport – also explores how McCann battled mental health issues to become one of many top fighters to emerge from Next Generation MMA at Liverpool.

“Meatball” is set to return to the octagon against Luana Carolina on March 19 in the UFC’s first event in London since 2019.

And McCann wants his career to be similar to that of Michael Bisping, who won the UFC middleweight title before retiring and becoming a commentator.

The Molly McCann documentary will air on BT Sport next month

“I always wanted to be a world champion and emulate Mike Bisping – a northerner,” McCann said.

“I really want to show what English MMA and what women can do here and create a blueprint for little girls or young women or even men to follow and think ‘I can do it’.

“When I leave the UFC. I would like people to know that with every step, every punch and every breath I took, I gave it my all to win. o make me the pride of the team, to make me the pride of the city and the country.

“I really want to be an expert. So I literally want to be the Mike Bisping woman. But I won’t sound like he’s doing his crazy Er’s thinking he’s a little crazy. I will stay true to being a scouser.

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McCann started out in boxing before moving into MMA and even won an amateur national championship.

After seeing female MMA trailblazer Rousey compete, McCann dropped out of college and began training full-time.

“She was the woman who didn’t look like a fighter and didn’t talk like a fighter. She got men talking about women fighting in combat sports,” she added.

“I’m sending an e-mail to Paul Rimmer [her current coach]: ‘What’s going on Paul, it’s me Molly. I want to be like that Ronda Rousey and I want to win a world title in the Echo [Arena].’ I never went back to college again. I just started training full time with the pros.

BT Sport will premiere Meatball Molly, the latest documentary from BT Sport Films, on BT Sport 2 on Tuesday 15 March at 10.30pm and can be viewed via the BT Sport website and App thereafter.

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