Next Tyson Fury fight, news, rumours: In anticipation of Dillian Whyte clash and future unification possibilities

WBC champion Tyson Fury may only hold one of four recognized world heavyweight championships, but he’s universally accepted as the best man in the sport’s most prestigious division. Being “the man” comes with a host of complications, however, and Fury’s immediate future is fraught with possibility and clouded with potential complications.

With all eyes on a four-belt unification bout with Oleksandr Usyk, both men have some business to settle before facing each other. And handling that deal with mandatory opponent Dillian Whyte is next for Fury.

Let’s see where things stand with the best big man in the sport at the start of 2022.

Will Tyson Fury have a shot at unifying the heavyweight titles in 2022?

There were two paths that could lead Fury (31-0-1, 22 KOs) to a unification bout with WBO, WBA and IBF champion Oleksandr Usyk. In one scenario, Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte could have accepted side money to allow the unification fight to continue. All four sanctioning bodies will be happy to rule out any mandatory opponents in favor of a four-belt unification bout. It seemed to be in the works before it all came crashing down on January 27.

With the withdrawal fee dropping, the alternate scenario to getting to Fury against Usyk and a four-belt unification bout is much simpler. Fury must beat WBC mandatory challenger Whyte, and Usyk will face Joshua with the IBF, WBA and WBO titles on the line, as was contractually stipulated by the terms of their first fight.

Where are things with Dillian Whyte

Whyte has already spent more than 1,000 days as the top-ranked contender or mandatory challenger to the WBC Championship, ultimately losing his status when he was shocked by Alexander Povetkin in August 2020. Whyte would avenge that loss in March 2021, regaining the WBC interim title and his “next man” status. Unfortunately for Whyte, there have been consistently bigger fights that the WBC was willing to accept rather than impose its mandatory status over the past few years, primarily a series of fights between Fury and Deontay Wilder.

This being boxing, the WBC alternated between ordering Fury vs. Whyte to finally perform, suggesting they would allow Fury to accept a non-title fight next and go back to ordering a purse offer with a split. unprecedented 80/20 in favor of Fury. This allocation of the purse had been a problem for Whyte and his promoter, Eddie Hearn, who had stated that a deal would not be reached with this allocation in place.

Despite this, and after several postponements, the WBC staged a purse bid on January 28, which was won by Fury co-promoter Frank Warren’s Queensberry Boxing with a bid of $41,025,000. The date and venue have yet to be set, but the financial terms of the engagement are now set.

Will Fury fight Francis Ngannou?

Let’s put that aside. Despite discussions from Ngannou and Fury, this fight is not happening in the near future. Ngannou is in a contract dispute with the UFC that could last a year or more. Moreover, Ngannou’s trainers suggested that it would take years of dedicated boxing training to be ready for such a challenge. Not to mention that after his last win, Ngannou noted that he suffered a torn MCL and an ACL injury in training camp that will require surgery. Yet, as the two sides continue to bring up the other, a potential fight will continue to dominate the headlines.

Even if a unification bout with the winner of the Usyk vs. Joshua fight doesn’t happen, a fight with Ngannou won’t happen in 2022 or 2023.

Expected date of return

Late March was the original plan for Fury’s next fight. Of course, that was before negotiations and the purse offer for a fight with Whyte were repeatedly bumped up against and news broke that Joshua was potentially stepping down to open the fight against Usyk. Things are changing fast in boxing, which could mean a March 26 date is locked in by the end of January or Fury’s next fight is sometime in the summer. If the fight with Usyk had materialized, the plan was for it to happen at a June meeting in Saudi Arabia. The date and location for Fury vs. Whyte should materialize quickly.