Oxford boxer Bradley Townsend to fight at MECA Swindon

BRADLEY Townsend is ready to defend his unbeaten record after recovering from a broken rib.

Townsend, who is from Oxford and has an unbeaten 8-0 record, was due back on the ropes in November but saw that comeback cut short by the injury he picked up in training.

Unbeknownst to the 26-year-old welterweight at the time, what he thought was a sore rib was actually fractured, leaving him with no choice but to pull out of the contest and rest for two months.

Now fully recovered and fit, the Oxford fighter is ready for his comeback fight on Saturday at the MECA in Swindon at Neilson Boxing’s Fight Town event, which will also see Aaron Sutton challenge for the vacant Southern Region title. .

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Reflecting on the injury and his recovery, Townsend said he gained confidence knowing he could still perform despite the injury, after training with the injury for several months.

“The problem I had was I broke a rib but I didn’t know it was broken so I kept training and when I went for a scan they said that was why it never healed,” he said.

“I had to take time off from boxing for a few months to let it heal properly, which I did, so now I’m getting back into it and I don’t have any problems.

“It was quite difficult to sit still and not train, but I knew it was the best thing to do to accelerate my progress.

“When I found out I was annoyed and a bit relieved because at least it meant they knew what the problem was.

“The good thing is now I know that if I were to break a rib in a fight, it wouldn’t affect my performance too much.”

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Townsend is signed up for a six-round contest against Evgenii Vazem in Wiltshire, and the unbeaten prospect says he can’t wait to demonstrate what he’s been working on in the gym.

“This fight will be about making the cobwebs disappear,” he said.

“My coach wants me to hold my feet and rally more with my opponents, so with the delay I worked on that.

“I will be a different fighter in that sense, but eventually I become more versatile.”

Promoter Mark Neilson said he is looking forward to seeing the improvements Townsend makes in what will be his first fight since 2019.

“Bradley has always been great to watch so we’re really happy to see him fit again and can’t wait to go,” he said.