Roy Jones Jr. disappointed with Anthony Joshua’s tactics in Usyk Boxing loss

By William Lloyd: Roy Jones Jr. was disappointed with the tactics former IBF / WBA / WBO heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua used for his fight last Saturday against Oleksandr Usyk.

Jones says Joshua (24-2, 22 KOs) lost the fight in the first round by starting too slow and being tactical against former undisputed cruiserweight champion Usyk (19-0, 13 KOs).

The game plan Joshua coach Rob McCracken had for him was flawed from the start, then he failed to make any adjustments when AJ quickly fell behind in the first three rounds.

Roy feels Joshua betrayed him by not forcing Usyk to adjust to what he was doing by fighting aggressively. Jones predicted before the fight that if Joshua didn’t KO Usyk within five rounds, he would lose the battle. This is what happened, unfortunately for Joshua.

In the rematch, Jones Jr. wants Joshua to start faster and go after Usyk as he can’t afford to give laps by being passive like last time around.

Joshua dominated rounds 4-7, according to Jones

“They can’t doubt him. He [Joshua] dominated rounds four to seven, oneand he showed he can dominate the fight anytime, ”Roy Jones Jr. told iFL TV of Anthony Joshua in his loss to Usyk.

“It’s just a matter of him deciding when he wants to dominate the fight.

“I knew he lost the first three rounds and then won the next three,” Jones said of AJ. “The seventh round was tied. It’s not.

“He [Joshua] dominated rounds four through seven, and he used his size. Usyk is stronger than you think.

“Usyk hurt Joshua in the second round because Joshua let him get a little too close. Usyk isn’t in the top 10 punchers, but neither is Fury, and Fury is the best heavyweight in the world right now, so you don’t have to be in the top 10 punchers.

“You have Fury, Usyk, Wilder, AJ and probably Whyte,” Roy said when asked who he considered the top five heavyweights in the division.

Joshua may have done enough to beat Usyk in rounds four through seven, but that wasn’t dominance Roy is talking about. They were very tight laps which were decided by a few punches.

Roy wants Joshua to start faster in rematch

“Start the fight early” Jones Jr. said when asked what advice he had for Joshua in the rematch with Usyk. “Yes, I was [disappointed with Joshua’s tactics against Usyk].

“I wanted to see Usyk have to figure it out. I wanted to see Usyk deal with his attack early and see who his mind works later in the fight.

“Instead, you let Usyk go to work right away. If you do that, of course, he will win.

“You let him fight his fight. At least give him something to discover. You haven’t given him anything to understand, ”Jones said.

Joshua will at least try to get a quicker start in the rematch with Usyk, but the success of those efforts is another matter. Usyk was very successful in avoiding Joshua when he showed up last Saturday.

Joshua’s best success came when he timed Usyk when he was in it and caught him with big punches.

Sadly, Joshua missed more often than he did, which resulted in Usyk marking him with shots.

In the rematch, Joshua may try to apply more pressure early on, but that might not be successful. In order for Joshua to be successful with his shots, he needs to better time Usyk and understand his moves.

The great news is that Joshua has plenty of videos to study last Saturday to learn about Usyk’s trends.

Joshua’s coach had the BAD game plan

“No matter what those voices said [from Joshua’s trainer Rob McCracken], the game plan was wrong in the first round, ”Jones said. “The first round was wrong.

“Whoever didn’t tell him how to do the first round ruined the whole fight for him because after the first round he [Joshua] was already shaken because it didn’t go as planned.

“In the second round, he [Joshua] was injured. So in the third round he had to recover. In the fourth round he was finally able to implement some of the things you were saying and he won the fourth, five and six.

“Even with all those voices, they didn’t tell him that right before the fight started.

“Someone didn’t reach it before the fight started because where he lost the fight was the pre-fight,” Jones Jr. said of what was wrong with Joshua.

“I’ve been watching Usyk for so long. That’s why I knew Usyk was going to win the fight. Usyk is smart enough to outdo anyone.

“I’ve seen him overtake and dominate the entire cruiserweight division. I saw it with all my eyes, so I knew that if Anthony lets him pass the fifth round you can’t beat him.

“He’s too smart; he knows too much. His IQ is too big. At the end of the fifth round, you can’t beat him because he’s a great boxer. I like his wit, ”Jones said of Usyk.

Many boxing fans believe Joshua’s coach Rob McCracken was overwhelmed in this fight and unable to come up with a good game plan for AJ to follow.

What was troubling was the lack of a concrete strategy to get Joshua back into the fight once he fell behind early.

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