Ryan Kavanaugh’s Triller buys the Pillow-Fight League

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Triller – the AI-powered open-garden tech platform for creators co-owned by Ryan Kavanaugh – has brought another fighting sport under its umbrella, buying the Pillow Fight Championship (FightPFC) for an undisclosed amount .

FightPFC’s male and female fighters battle it out using two-pound queen-size pillows — stuffed with foam inside sailcloth — with webbing handles. It’s all the action of traditional combat sports, but not the blood and injury, says FightPFC.

Recent Triller Acquisitions

FightPFC is just the latest expansion for Triller, which entered the fighting game in November 2020 when it launched Triller Fight Club and hosted an inaugural fight featuring Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. The initial fight was a success, with more than a million dollars paid. -by views sold, and Triller Fight Club has followed multiple fights among fights from different disciplines, including boxing, mixed martial arts, and even YouTube stars turned fighters. In November 2021, Triller launched Triad Combat, which ramped up the action by placing fighters in a three-sided ring. In late February, Triller acquired a majority stake in Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

Triller continues to move rapidly in the acquisition space following its December 2021 merger agreement with SeaChange International, Inc., in a transaction that would name the combined company as TrillerVerz Corp. Its common stock will be listed on the Nasdaq.

What sets Triller apart from Ryan Kavanaugh

Triller fights mixed fights with top musical artists, creating a complete entertainment experience aimed at what Kavanaugh calls the “17-27 culture-graphic” – customers who are interested in combat sports but have been turned away of boxing due to its stable production values. Kavanaugh, a former film producer with 60 Academy Award nominations and 8 Academy Awards under his belt, brings his cinematic experience to Triller’s fights, incorporating multiple cameras, studio-grade lighting, and other cinematic techniques. Triller also owns Fite TV, which broadcasts the fights, and rap fight platform Verzuz, which Triller integrates into its fight events.

As Triller today moves to augment all elements of its innovative Web3 platform, from AI-powered social commerce to NFTs, its main driver has been bringing together the most comprehensive range of creators and content to delight and entertain every quadrant of the consumer market. .

“Combat sports, like music, has a wide variety of styles and audiences, FightPFC is indeed another hugely popular genre, and Triller is driven to take it to the next level globally,” Kavanaugh said. . “We admire risk takers and those who see around the corners to create and deliver entertainment and action for everyone. As Triller continues to invest in innovators and events that redefine the social experience in the diverse combat sports industry, Triller and FightPFC’s agreement marks another step forward in our vision of giving everyone the content they want, when they want it,” added Kavanaugh.

What is the Pillow Fight Championship?

“Pillow Fight Championship began with the idea of ​​developing a true fighting sport that would appeal to international family audiences by combining the ancient weapon known as the ‘pillow’ with experienced MMA competitors and boxers and strict rules” , said Steve Williams, Managing Director. Officer of the Pillow Fight Championship. “However, the PFC is not just a hard-hitting pillow fight; it is also pure entertainment and fun. We are incredibly excited to join the Triller Fight Club entertainment platform.

“It’s clear that Triller Fight Club is the future of combat sports. As the fastest growing platform on its fast track, Triller Fight Club will soon overtake the UFC,” added Williams.

As Triller moves to integrate all of the innovative elements of its Web3 platform, from AI-powered social commerce to NFTs, its main driver has been to bring together the widest range of creators and content to delight and entertain. everybody.

Together, Triller Fight Club and FightPFC will focus on delivering the best experiences for creators, athletes, influencers and brands. Since Fight Club exploded onto the combat sports scene, it has been innovating and creating exciting experiences for fans around the world, in keeping with Triller’s mission to deliver iconic cultural experiences to the masses, including those seeking exciting family action.

Launched less than two years ago, Triller Fight Club has sold over 3,000,000 pay-per-views, making it one of the fastest-selling and fastest-growing subscriber bases in the combat sports and entertainment platforms. TrillerVerz’s widely acclaimed monthly series, including world-class professional boxing and Verzuz’s Big Fights, has consistently been at the top of watched shows with an average of over 5,000,000 views.