Sullivan Boxing Club is taking the boxing world by storm

Jhe Sullivan Boxing Club has big things to come.

The Sullivan Boxing Club was established in 1979 by John Casey. His mentorship paved the way for many boxing stars, like local hero Corky Saul.

Everyone knows him as the face of the Sullivan Boxing Club, but his tragic passing last month left a big hole in the heart of the local boxing club.

New owner and head trainer Robby Spear looks forward to many great things the boxing club does.

Spear has plenty of in-ring experience. He won the Golden Gloves tournament in 1987.

The Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament is an annual tournament that brings together the greatest boxers from every state in every class. Spear and assistant trainer Tony Shaw train boxers every day to prepare them for their many fights to come. Spear and Shaw have many years of boxing experience which they teach regularly.

Both coaches use their experience in the ring to make their students better boxers. Both are American boxing trainers with eight boxers on their roster.

Elliot Brogly is 21 and will be making his Golden Gloves debut. Brogly is highly motivated and a hard worker. He trains diligently every day and is ready to take the boxing world by storm. Brogly will be making his debut in the 140-pound weight class and knows he will be competing against more experienced boxers, but is training harder to earn the respect of his peers.

Calvin Wiser is 10 years old and super tough in his class. He once boxed in a match that ended in a referee stoppage. Wiser wanted to keep fighting, but the referee called an end to the match because of his bloody nose.

Wiser fought against Carter Melton of Carlisle, Illinois on Friday and was defeated by a close decision.

Sakora Lockhart is a big contender to be the world’s greatest in boxing. She has a rookie attitude outside the ring with a veteran attitude in the ring. Lockhart has an outstanding undefeated record so far.

She is ready for the Golden Gloves tournament. Lockhart struggles to find opponents, being one of the very few female amateur boxers.

She has a reputation for being a female Mike Tyson in the ring and it makes her male-dominated sport very afraid to face her. Sakora also fought on Friday and won her bout. His record is 3-0.

Spear and Shaw would like to thank Steve and Donna Thurmond for their continued support. They would also like to thank Tommy Lockhart of Thomas Lockhart Roofing for his help with the club.