‘The Blueprint’: Martinsburg boxer looks to professional career | Newspaper

MARTINSBURG – Christopher Glenn hatched a plan to eventually become a professional boxer when he first convinced his reluctant father to let him put on the gloves at the age of 13.

That was pretty much Glenn’s plan.

It became a mantra and a role model that follows him in his personal life and boxing career after he finally turned pro after around 60 amateur fights.

Everything revolves around “The Blueprint”, from the ring name of 24 year old – Christopher “The Blueprint” Glenn to his business outside of boxing – Blueprint Real Estate.

The 2015 Martinsburg High School graduate knows football is king in the city, but he wasn’t convinced by the idea of ​​wearing protection and a helmet.

“I wanted to do something different,” Glenn said, noting that his father had warned him about the dangers of boxing.

His dad, who boxed in the Navy, knew how the sport worked and wanted to make sure Glenn understood what boxing was.

The bantamweight boxer fought and won his first professional fight, winning by decision a fight in September against Kameron Holmes in Fort Washington, Maryland.

And Glenn is eagerly awaiting a second professional fight, which will likely take place before the New Year.

“I don’t get punches in the face for free now,” Glenn joked. “I actually make money.

“I’m setting up.”

So far, all has been going well for the father of Elayiah, 5, and Christopher Jr., 10 months, knowing that success in the ring will help raise the youngsters financially.

“I like him, I like him better than an amateur,” Glenn said. “The style is different; it’s slower. There is no helmet and there are smaller gloves.

He is determined to be successful in sports.

Glenn began his boxing career at Squared Circle Gym under Lionell Royer and won a Golden Gloves title in West Virginia.

He now trains at the Hagerstown Boxing Club under the supervision of Wayne Anderson.

Glenn wants to make a mark on the sport like fellow West Virginia fellow Perry Ballard, who currently makes the Eastern Panhandle his home, and Christy Martin has in the past.

Both were world boxing champions.

“Perry Ballard, he led the way,” Glenn said.

Glenn has said he would love to be West Virginia’s next world champion.

That’s what matters most to him, being identified as a native of Mountain State, specifically Martinsburg.

“I went to Maryland to get a little more exposure to get to that next level,” Glenn said. “I want to be the next Floyd Mayweather and Ali and give back to my community.

“Martinsburg is my home, always will be my home. “

He also hopes for the support of his hometown

“I want the city to believe in me,” said Glenn. “We are in the same boat.”

When he’s in the ring, it all depends on his abilities as a fighter.

His nickname comes from something Glenn saw in the “TV Guide”.

Or, the Blueprint could represent “How to be the perfect boxer”.

Glenn figure that will make him a world champion.

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