Thor Bjornsson praised amid fears Eddie Hall could be ‘seriously injured’ in boxing match

Former World’s strongest man winner to face ‘toughest boxing match in history’ next year, but British strongman Hall’s safety is feared

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Thor Bjornsson is ready to fight Mike Tyson or Tyson Fury

Former World’s Strongest Man Thor Bjornsson has been hailed as “technically sound” ahead of his fight with Eddie Hall next year.

The duo, who have both won the iconic strongman competition in the past, will take part in the “toughest boxing match in history” next March, but fears have been expressed for Hall’s safety.

Bjornsson has appeared in exhibition and amateur fights three times against arm wrestling star Devon Larratt and veteran boxers Simon Vallily and Steven Ward, while minimal footage of Boxing Hall has become available.

He has fought with much-vaunted hopeful Johnny Fisher, but the brief streak that has been made public concerns Commonwealth Games gold medalist Alex Arthur.

The former WBO featherweight world champion was impressed with Bjornsson’s footage, but raised an issue with matchmaking that would pit the two against each other.

“I just saw the great Eddie Hall hit a sack,” Arthur told his 23,000+ followers.

Thor Bjornsson arrested Devon Larratt early in their fight



“Actually, they can’t let him fight Thor. He could be seriously injured! Boxing is a life and death sport. The people who play it are stupid.”

And when a fan responded with unimpressive-looking images of Bjornsson during a training session in April, ahead of the Vallily and Larratt fights, he responded that he still has a solid foundation.

“Nobody compares him to the world heavyweight champion,” Arthur replied after the fan told him he was “not Tyson Fury”. “He’s technically sound here.”

Bjornsson has completely reinvented himself as a boxer, losing over 100 pounds since his strongman days and boasting of a jagged physique.

He signed up for the sport to face Hall in 2020, with the plan being to stage the fight the following year giving the pair ample time to lose weight and train.

But he appears to have made much bigger progress, looking solid against veterans Ward and Vallily before completely dismantling debutant Larratt.

His full name is Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, and he joked with his followers in a recent Instagram post that due to his monumental weight loss he should now be called “half-Thor”.

And while the giant Icelandic fighter, who also starred in Game of thrones, Not quite Tyson Fury yet, he has stated that he will be ready to step into the ring with a world champion for an exhibition in order to gain experience at the highest level.

There was talk of making a fight between the strongman and the undisputed former champion Mike Tyson, for which he said he would be ready if offered.

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“I was asked if I would fight Mike Tyson,” Bjornsson said Combat mirror earlier this year. “And my response was that I wouldn’t say no to this offer.

“It’s because of the respect I have for Mike as a fighter and as an athlete, and I would like to feel his power.

“I would like to step into the ring with him because being able to tell people that I fought Mike Tyson would be an honor.

“I’m all about the experiences, living your life and taking the right opportunities, and if I was offered to fight Mike Tyson, that would be huge for me.

“The same thing happened when I was asked if I would fight Tyson Fury and I said the same.

“I would definitely fight him if the opportunity presented itself, because the experience would be so great.

“I would learn so much by fighting either of these guys, so I just couldn’t say no to that.”

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