Tyson Fury could fight winner Anthony Joshua against Oleksandr Usyk but it’s his decision alone | boxing news

Tyson Fury may be tempted to come out of retirement to fight the winner of Anthony Joshua’s August 20 clash with Oleksandr Usyk.

But his US promoter Top Rank will leave that decision entirely to Fury himself.

“People have often asked me that. We were told to stay, Fury is retired. He didn’t say he was coming out of retirement,” Top Rank president Todd duBoef said. sky sports.

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Former WBO heavyweight champion Johnny Nelson believes Tyson Fury is the best fighter in the world now after knocking out Dillian Whyte

“He didn’t say anything, so what are you doing? I think it’s catching on. I think the outcome of the [Usyk-Joshua] the fight is going to be a very big part of the whole heavyweight division. Public opinion is that this is AJ’s last hurray. He can’t afford to lose this one again. He can’t afford it. People won’t be so forgiving, he may not be so forgiving of himself. Change of coach, change of many things. The style obviously bothered him in the last fight. This will answer a lot of questions.

“With Usyk we know he’s a great fighter, great story, great story, he obviously left Ukraine during those horrible times to prepare for the fight. A world class boxer, the question is whether can he really handle the heavyweight division or has he just found the right guy, so I think there’s a lot to answer in the weeks to come.

Regardless of who wins over Joshua and Usyk, the clamor for the winner to fight Fury will only grow after their August 20 rematch. The decision will ultimately rest with Tyson Fury alone.

“One of the things that I sort of revealed to myself about the result is the mindset of a boxer. I can’t tell you what they think. It’s really tough for us. Tyson made a huge amount of money. He had a huge impact on the sport globally,” DuBoef said. “He did exactly what he said he was going to do and what he wanted to do.

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Ahead of his rematch against Oleksandr Usyk, Anthony Joshua jokes that every time Tyson Fury predicts he’s going to lose a fight, he ends up winning it!

“How much more is there for him and how much more does he need? It’s in his brain, in his family and in his decision-making. We can all sit back and speculate on this he’s going to do. But I think it’s really in his court.

“There’s an unpredictability that he has and a stubbornness, a way of being like that, that’s what I do and I do. I think you just have to let this car take its course and let it go. and let him decide what he wants to do.”

Top Rank is working with Fury but they won’t pressure him.

“In what I’ve seen in my 30 years in the sport, the last thing I want is to want to fight more than him. As I might think it’s the right fight, it’s going to be great , it’s going to be big, it’s going to be in the headlines, it’s going to be great business, at the end of the day, he has to want it and I think he has to want it for his legacy and for his peace of mind ” , DuBoef said.

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Dillian Whyte was frustrated by what he considered an “illegal push” in his loss to Tyson Fury, but insists he can come back strong to challenge for world titles again.

Ngannou exposure is ‘plausible’

Fury has been linked to exposure with UFC heavyweight star Francis Ngannou. This is an event that could still happen.

“I think it’s commercially plausible,” DuBoef said. “Nowadays what we see is that there is no barrier to entry. So anything is possible.

“As for the Ngannou fight, I think it’s a bit of a sizzle, I would say a lot of sizzle, I’m not sure how much substance there is. I think they’re playing each other really good and I think Ngannou has had a relationship with the UFC. I know he wanted to box for many years. For many years he talked about it.

“I obviously love Tyson in any type of match like that because he’s obviously one of the brightest boxing heavyweights I’ve seen in my generation. He’s just fantastic in as a fighter for someone that size. So I’m not sure [it will happen] but it would be very salable. You would get everyone’s attention.”

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Former UFC welterweight Dan Hardy thinks Tyson Fury should consider switching to MMA and thinks it could help improve his boxing even further.

Even in retirement, Fury is a master at capturing the public’s attention.

“You just give him the mic,” DuBoef said. “That’s the playbook. Can I get more guys like that? He just takes over. He has so much swagger and confidence and he has a way of knowing himself. He’s brilliant and he’s great for fans and people who aren’t fans People gravitate to every word he says His walkouts, his outfits, his suits, his no shirts Just bottle this stuff up and hold it , the sport would be so, so dynamic for decades.

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