Tyson Fury’s pink bike video from back in the day is viewing gold

Tyson Fury could be known as an intimidating world champion. However, those who know him are aware of his softer side.

A family man with six children, Fury is revered for his devotion to his wife Paris and their growing offspring.

Tyson Fury – pink bike

For these reasons, the clip of Fury’s pink bike with his child on his back is undoubtedly one of the most viewed videos posted on World Boxing News’ YouTube.

The video was shared on many other platforms and taken without permission.

Tyson Fury Spends Family Time Cycling Between Camp Sessions” from January 2014 has been viewed millions of times. WBN only saw a fraction of that due to a copyright issue.

The problem is that the opportunists are ripping the video from the WBN channel. So. Major UK news outlets subsequently used the clip.


WBN scammed

WBN reported the thieves. YouTube acted to prevent others from using it. WBN is hopefully now the only place to see the clip.

It has more than 68,000 watches to date. However, much less than it should be.

Fury has been spending time away from camp with his kids in tow. He was relaxing alongside his wife, Paris, who was also on her bike.

The clip, directed by Peter Fury exclusively for World Boxing News, was filmed in Cannes. Fury regularly used the town for camps at the time.

Maintaining close ties, Team Fury used the WBN YouTube channel between 2012 and 2014 for their workouts and family videos before launching their video avenues.

The end of the collaboration came just before Fury hit the big time and beat Wladimir Klitschko.

Fury reality show on WBN

As you can see on the WBN YouTube ChannelFury and several members of his family participated in what was the debut of a reality show.

There’s plenty of content to see, from Fury working out on the beach to spending quality time with his kids. It’s fascinating.

Other videos include an ultra-thin Fury calling the winner of David Haye against Derek Chisora ​​and a 250kg deadlift. Plus Cousin Hughie training in the body.

Of course, the now infamous ‘riding the pink bike’ music video was stolen by UK national media in 2017 when he was three years old.

Additionally, the body sparring video mentioned above and viewable on the page is the most watched YouTube clip on the channel right now.

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