Vitali Klitschko admits he and his brother Wladimir could be killed in war


Vitali Klitschko, a former two-time WBC heavyweight champion, admits he and his brother Wladimir could lose their lives in the war in Ukraine.

Vitali, who also held the WBO title during a superb career, is currently defending the city of Kyiv as mayor-elect.

Brother Wladimir, a three-time heavyweight leader like Vitali, joined his brother in standing side by side against the Russian forces.

Both have decided to bear arms for weeks because Vitali declares that no one is safe from the bombardments.

“Everyone in Ukraine is in danger right now. Nobody wants to die,” Klitschko told Sky News.

“We have always been a peaceful nation. Ukraine is a peaceful country. We have never been aggressive towards anyone.

“But, right now, the situation is about our future. Our children’s future – and we must defend it.

Reports that Vitali and Wladimir are on a list of frontline targets for Russian soldiers are unverified. However, the two former boxers brace themselves for anything as the battle escalates.

“No one wants to die, but this is our home. This is our hometown, these are our families, these are our children. We defend our children. We protect the future.

“I am very surprised, people who have very peaceful professions – for example, musicians, actors, doctors – at the moment, they stand in uniform.

“They didn’t expect to take weapons into their hands, but right now they want to defend their city, their hometown.”

Wladimir Klitschko Ukraine


If anything happened to one of the Klitschkos or to Vasiliy Lomachenko – another champion boxer on the front line, the world would undoubtedly feel the force of the blow.

This scenario is something everyone wants to avoid after boxing fans breathed a sigh of relief when Oleksandr Usyk left to train for a rematch with Anthony Joshua.

Klitschko still took the time to extend his appreciation to people around the world as they shed their lives.

“We are still fighting. We are always defending our future,” Vitali stressed. “This is the biggest war since World War II.

“It can affect everyone on the European continent, everyone in the world. That’s why they have to be proactive. It is our wish to stop the war. It is our wish that people have peace in Ukraine.

“Thank you for supporting our country.”

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