Warriors should consider changing comps to fight early fights

Kevon Looney has started every game this season, partly because the Warriors are running out of options and partly because that’s Loon’s personal goal after a career that began on practice tables and halls. transaction.

But it’s time for coach Steve Kerr and his team to consider a different line-up, in which Looney is replaced by Otto Porter Jr.

With Stephen Curry limited to the sideline, the Warriors faced a problem that won’t be solved with Looney in the starting lineup. They spend much of the first quarter picking up points.

The paltry early offense forced them to play from behind on Sunday in a home loss to the San Antonio Spurs and the scenario was repeated on Tuesday in a 94-90 loss to the rebuilding Magic in Orlando.

Kerr, clearly restless after back-to-back losses to teams that won’t sniff out the playoffs, will join his aides in a search for answers late into the night. Looney’s starting spot has to be among the potential changes – especially with the way Porter plays.

After producing 16 points and 16 rebounds in 29 minutes against San Antonio, Porter had 14 points and 15 rebounds in 26 minutes against the Magic. What’s more, he’s a legit offensive threat, capable of scoring in the paint, midrange and beyond the arc.

If Looney starts at center against the Heat on Wednesday night, Miami big man Bam Adebayo can get away with occasionally stealing a peek from Loon while mostly extending his 7-foot-1 wingspan all over the floor by as a help defender.

Firing Porter, who Tuesday night dumped multiple 3-pointers for the first time since the All-Star break, is an invitation to get burned.

In a line-up with Jordan Poole, Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins — yeah, I know — Porter is theoretically one shooter among three other shooters. Draymond Green can play quarterback, watch defenses and shoot passes to one of four receivers.

For a Warriors team that has scored a total of 39 points in its last two first quarters, sacrificing Looney’s institutional knowledge for an opportunity to stretch the floor upfront isn’t such an irrational idea. This is not a sign of panic but an adjustment to unfavorable circumstances.

Not considering a change is, after the last two games and at this stage of the season, both confusing and stubborn.

A starting formation with two no-shooters in Curry’s absence, however, changes the geometry of the floor to expose Golden State’s boundaries.

It was Curry’s presence and gravity that allowed Kerr to get away with a starting lineup of two non-shooters: Draymond Green and Looney.

The idea of ​​benching Wiggins for Porter crosses your mind because the first All-Star is stuck in a state of underperformance, with no indication that anything is about to change soon. Wiggins asserted himself on Tuesday, driving to the edge with force and taking 19 shots. But his inefficiency – he only scored five field goals – was one of the factors that sank the Warriors.

But Wiggins, even now, remains more of an offensive threat than Looney. And the offense is what it takes. Getting an early lead on a bad team by shooting them can be demoralizing. On the other hand, allowing weak opponents to quickly take a double-digit lead is the surest way to boost their confidence.

Kerr spent moments before Tuesday’s whistleblowing explaining his appreciation of Looney, one of his favorites and the Warriors’ most misunderstood member.

“He’s such a pro,” Kerr said. “He is so respected in the locker room by everyone in the organization: coaches, trainers, teammates. He just has a way about him that’s so admirable. The behaviour. The daily commitment. Never drama. Always just to win.

“I can start him and play him over 30 minutes. I can start him and play him two five-minute runs and go small and he’s going to approach the next day exactly the same. There’s never a pout, never ‘I need an explanation. It’s just ‘I come in and do my job and help the team win.’ The guy is a dream to train.

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Looney has always shown his willingness to do what’s best for the team. What’s best for the team at this point is a reshuffle.

Kerr has shown he will experiment when times get tough, as they are now and will be until Curry’s left foot allows him to reach his teammates.

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