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Devon “No Limits” Larratt, 46, from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and Thor “The Mountain” Bjornsson, 32, from Reykjavik, Iceland, will headline the Global MTK boxing event “Sports Fight Night 3 Core” To Sport Society in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, September 18, 2021. The Canadian competitor accepted the bout five weeks before the event.

“I really enjoy the game of boxing,” Larratt said at the “Core Sports Fight Night 3” press conference on September 16, 2021. “They are ridiculously top athletes.”

Since the late 1990s, Larratt has proven himself to be one of the most formidable arm wrestlers on the planet and how he made the transition to boxing. He said: “It’s a huge step into the unknown and every time I have trained they have made it more and more difficult, but I am no stranger to competition and I have fought in all kinds of different sports. “

Thor Bjornsson, Devon Larratt

With 13 boxing bouts, “Core Sports Fight Night 3″ will be broadcast live on CoreSports.World. In the main event, Bjornsson and Larratt will face off in the titan weight division.

“A satisfying result is something that I can avoid knowing that my heart and mind have been properly expressed,” Larratt said. “If I can come in and feel like I’m at the end of the fight I fought bravely and can hold onto what I’ve learned over the past four weeks, I’ll be happy.


Some of boxing’s biggest names are also featured on the action-packed “Core Sports Fight Night 3” card, including the heavyweight feel. Martin bakole, which returns to action after almost a year to take Haruna Osumanu. Considered one of the best heavyweights in the world, Bakole heads to Dubai after recently battling the former undisputed cruiserweight champion. Oleksandr Usyk in preparation for the Ukrainian’s world heavyweight title showdown with Anthony Joshua.

Elsewhere on the poster, CrossFit rivals Josh Bridges and Jacob Heppner will eventually settle their differences as they collide in a much-talked-about grudge match. Two of the most popular women in combat sports have respective fights as an undefeated star April Mathias meet another undefeated fighter Jesca Mfinanga while the world record holder powerlifter Stefi Cohen meets Marcela nieto.

By rounding the map, Antoine de Bruijin faces Giorgi Gachechiladze while Stephane Fondjo meets Badri Gogichashvili. The tastes of Fahad Al Bloushi and Khalid Naseer back too.

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