Women In Sport: Tracey Duggan makes up for lost time in the ring

Tracey Duggan is a full-time personal trainer and professional fighter.

When did you start practicing your sport?
I started fighting about four years ago. I had my first fight in 2018 and have been obsessed ever since.

As a child, did you have any athletic women you looked up to?
Not really. It wasn’t until my late teens, early twenties, that I started hearing about Katie Taylor. There weren’t many women in mainstream media where I could say, when I was young, “I want to follow in her footsteps.” It’s not like today. Today, women are increasingly recognized and covered by the media, which attracts more people to games and events.

What does your game day routine look like?
The day of the fight is actually quite cold (besides the obvious nerves). I wake up feeling fresh and hungry after losing weight all week, so I’m happy to be able to eat carbs again after the weigh-in the day before the fight. I usually have a nice high carb breakfast with friends and then try to clear my mind before heading to the scene. Usually I just focus on keeping my mood positive and going through streaks in my mind. I visualize turn-based combat so I’m ready for whatever may play out. It’s always good to have a game plan, but it doesn’t always go to plan, so expect some unexpected help. When I get to the site, I start warming up. I stretch my body and listen to music or just chat with my team. When it’s time to pack my hands, that’s when I really get into the zone. The mood changes and my state of mind changes. Now I know it’s almost time to make that march to battle. I always listen to the Haka on my headphones, especially the All Blacks against France in 2011 at the World Cup. I love what it represents – strength, pride and unity. To be hyped before the war. It really makes my blood run.

What was your most memorable moment in your sport?
My professional debut when all my family and friends came to see me. Especially having my mom in the crowd watching me win by TKO in the second round was a proud moment for me.

Tracey also trains people of all skill levels and no experience is necessary to get started. She focuses on weight loss and fitness and building a strong mindset with clients. Sessions range from boxing, Muay Thai to resistance training and anaerobic fitness. It’s a great way for beginners or athletes looking to improve their S&C. Contact Tracey on 085-2146738